Are Fiddler Crabs Reef Safe? tips to keep them in reef tank

Are Fiddler Reef Safe?

Fiddler crab is a type of crab that lives in partially freshwater and brackish water or a mixture of both of them. They are not fully aquatic because they still need to surface to breath and molt. I have heard many people argue if they could live in a reef tank or not, some complain about how their fiddler crabs died while in a reef tank. So in this article, we are going to explain if it is possible for this type of crab to live in a reef tank or not.

Are Fiddler Crabs reef safe? Fiddler crabs can comfortably live in any tank, including reef tanks, for the fact they have access to land.

If you are a newbie, you might be wondering what reef tank means.

According to, Reef tanks are a type of aquarium that includes live coral and specific species of fish to mimic their natural environment of a coral reef in the ocean.

Many people that I have heard say that ‘ Fiddler Crabs are not safe in a reef tank because theirs died, so because of this, they are not safe in a reef tank.

Well, they are wrong because this particular type of crab could be safe anywhere they are, only if certain precautions are taken.

The only key to successfully keep any aquarium animal of your choice is to know what they want, their nature, and provide it for them.

Fiddler crabs can be safe in a reef tank if they have unlimited access to the land.

We all know that this type of crab is not fully aquatic, as they need to surface to breath and molt etc.

So, keeping such creatures in a reef tank that is fully covered with water will only end up killing them.

Apart from Fiddler Crab, many other crabs do require an island where they will surface and stay for a while before going back into the water.

One thing why the fiddler crab is different from other types is, that they are not fully aquatic and so while living in a tank such as a reef tank, to be safe, you need to provide islands and make the cave and stones in the tank not to be submerged so, that the crabs will be climbing them to surface.

As I explained above, they are partly saltwater and freshwater dwellers, so make sure the water they have in their reef tank is suitable for them, if not, they will die or become sick.

Again to keep your fiddler crabs safe in a reef tank, make sure that there is no aggressive animal or predator in the tank.

This is one of the reasons why Fiddler Crabs are sometimes not safe in a reef tank.

Reef tanks being beautiful sometimes propels many aquarists to stock in various animals there and allow them to hurt themselves.

This is not safe for Fiddler Crabs, as they are prone to attacks from other animals which might kill them.

One thing I found out is that many of those that tell you this type of crab can’t be safe in a reef tank are those who stock some range of animals in their tank, thereby breeding aggression.

Again, if you measure the amount of water you put in their tanks, there is no how they won’t be safe because they will easily climb out for air, etc.

So, fiddler crabs are reef safe if you know what you are doing unless you ignore their needs.


Fiddler crabs are reef safe, don’t listen to what some people say about them, just do what I listed above and you will be okay keeping them in a reef tank, etc.