Can Thai Micro Crabs Live With Bettas?

Can Thai Micro Crab live with Betta fish?

Thai micro Crabs are a very rare creature to see because they are only gotten from a particular river in Thailand, that’s how they got their name ‘Thai Crab’. The question I see people ask a lot is if they could be kept with Betta fish. Judging by their temperaments which is non-aggressive and shy, and the Betta’s temperament which is also Semi-aggressive, can the two cohabitate?

Can Thai Micro Crabs live with Bettas? Thai micro crabs and Betta fish could live together peacefully in the same tank.

Thai micro crabs are very small crabs, in fact, they look more like spiders than crabs, no wonder they are sometimes referred to as spider crabs by some people.

Although they have some features of crabs, they are very small and shy creatures that normally hide from any tank mate they are not comfortable with.

Again, they are bottom dwellers and fully aquatic but, giving them an island is recommended.

Betta fish is although not a very aggressive type, they are small and are omnivores, meaning they could eat anything that could fit in their mouth.

You might be thinking that keeping this type of fish that could eat anything that fits their mouth with a tiny crab-like Thai micro crab would be dangerous.

Well, it’s dangerous anyway, but why they are compatible with each other being in the same tank is because, although the crab might be small, but it has the technique to defend itself.

When it comes to defense, Thai micro crabs know how to do it.

Again, Bettas are very cautious fish and don’t like repeating their mistakes, so, when they are pinched by the Crabs, they will be very cautious next time and avoid them.

Again, Betta fish are top dwellers and occasionally come to the bottom to look for foods, etc, and Thai micro crabs are bottom dwellers just like every other crab, so, they won’t have much chance to meet each other or stand in each other’s way.

Being a shy kind of crab, they tend to hide in caves, substrates, etc, and stay out of the Betta’s way, and can only come out when they like.

So, if you are looking for a good or compatible tank mate for your Betta fish, then Thai micro crab or spider crab is a nice shot for you if you can get them.


Both Thai micro crab and Betta fish have the same temperament and could stay in the same temperature and water type, so they are compatible with each other.