Are Royal Grammas Aggressive?

are Royal Gramma aggressive?

Is Royal Gramma aggressive? This is the type of question many beginners ask. This is because it is very important to know the temperament of your fish before buying them so that you could find the right tank mates for them and also help you to avoid the mistake of keeping unsuitable tank mates with them. If you want to know the temperament of Royal Gramma, then I suggest you read this article in totality.

Is Royal Gramma aggressive? No, Royal Gramma is a very peaceful fish. They have no atom of aggression and could neither hurt nor bully other fish.

These fish are very peaceful, in fact, they are one of the most peaceful saltwater fish because they are shy and could tolerate other fish very well, that’s why they are very suitable for community tanks.

Many people do think that they aren’t very peaceful, that they are semi-aggressive just because they might have seen their Royal Grammas chase other fish with their mouths open as if to bite or swallow them, well, they ain’t aggressive!.

The fact is Royal Grammas are somewhat territorial and they could frighten other fish to stay off their territories.

Another thing they do is that they chase other fish that are new to the tank.

I believe these behaviors are why some people think that they are not very peaceful.

The fact is that they are very peaceful and could barely hurt other fish for any reason but they could frighten other fish by opening their mouths as if to swallow or bite them and be chasing them all over the tank.

When your’s exhibit these behaviors against other fish, just overlook it because they can’t bite nor kill other fish.

Although they are Omnivores but you have nothing to worry about because they can’t kill nor harm other fish and many aquatic animals unless those they could be able to eat such as small Shrimps, etc.


Royal Gramma is not aggressive fish and you have nothing to worry about keeping them in a community tank with other peaceful fish.