Do Royal Grammas Burrow? Why they do

do Royal Grammas burrow? Why they do

One of the most colorful and beautiful fish to keep in your saltwater aquarium is a Royal Gramma. They are very nice fish to keep, despite that they hide a lot. One of the complaints people make about these fish is that they burrow on the substrates ( sand) in their tanks, but the question is, do they really burrow? You will find the right answer in this article and many more, so read to the end.

Do Royal Grammas burrow? Yes, They burrow to make caves where they will be staying. They do this to make homes for themselves.

Royal Gramma is a nice, beautiful, and also shy fish, they usually hide in their various caves which they might have made for themselves by digging.

This is why they are always missing in their tanks because they are simply hiding.

The fact is that they are active whenever the tank is calm, especially at night when they will be all alone, that is when they make those holes you might be seeing.

So, if you are doubting if they are the ones digging in your tank, then you are right because they normally do it at the night.

I have seen mine digging with sand in its mouth when I switched on my aquarium light all of a sudden at night, so Royal Grammas could burrow, especially when they have lesser caves in their tanks, then they make one for themselves.

I think the only way to stop them from burrowing is to put in place many hiding places in their tanks, such as artificial caves, rocks that have big holes in them, and pipes.

With all these in place, I don’t think they will have any need to stress themselves to dig.


Royal Gramma could burrow, but they do it for a reason, so provide all they need to hide in and they may not dig in your tank.