Can African Dwarf Frog Live With Tiger Barb? (3 reasons why they can’t)

Can African Dwarf Frog Live With Tiger Barb

Tiger Barb is a small fine fish that is 3-4 inches in size. It is a little bigger than African dwarf frog which is 2.5-3 inches. As the two aquatic animals are almost in size, will they live together and peacefully in a tank?

Can African dwarf frog live with Tiger Barb? No, Tiger Barbs are too aggressive and could attack African dwarf frogs at any chance they get.

African dwarf frogs are non aggressive and are small frogs too.

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Although they are omnivores and could eat anything they are able to, such as baby fish, worms and even plants and vegetables.

Tiger Barbs although are small, but they’re very aggressive and fast.

They are way more faster than African dwarf frogs and will normally use that as an advantage to bully the frogs.

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Although tiger Barbs are in many ways similar to African dwarf frogs because they can live in almost the same water parameters.

African dwarf frog’s water parameters:

Temperature: 68-82°F

pH: 6.5-7.5

GH: 5-20

KH: 4-15

Ammonia/Nitrate -0

Nitrate: <20ppm

Tiger Barb water parameters:

Temperature: 77-82

pH: 6.0-8.0

Water hardiness: 5-19.

With the above data, you can see that the two animals can be able to live in the same environment and be ok.

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They’re are both tropical animals.
But can they really live together?.

Although they’re both tropical and can stay in almost the same water, but they can’t!. Because here is what will happen if they try staying in a tank:

: The fish being far more faster than the frogs will always grab any food that is meant for the frogs.

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As we all know, African dwarf frogs are not fast and they also don’t drag foods, neither are they aggressive.

So tiger Barbs will always overshadow them in anything, especially when it comes to feeding.

This could be so catastrophic, as it will definitely lead to starvation and malnutrition of your frogs unless you separate them into different tanks.

: Again tiger Barbs being aggressive in nature and also fast will always bite the frogs.

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This is the main reason they can’t live in the same tank with this type of frog.

As we all know, the frog’s body is made up of soft tissues and any slightest bite from a fast and aggressive fish like the tiger Barb could be very damaging.

They could sustain serious injuries from the fish bite which could cause alot of sickness and ultimate death.

: Apart from the fish killing or wounding the frogs, there is every possibility that the frogs will eat the baby fish.

It is well known that frogs can eat almost anything that could fit or enter their mouths.

Tiny or baby tiger barbs are in danger if they have any type of frog in their tank. So frogs could hurt baby tiger barbs.

So from every indications, we can see that the 2 creatures can hardly live together nor share a tank peacefully.


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