Can African Dwarf Frog be Kept with Angel fish?

Can African Dwarf Frog be Kept with Angel fish

Do you know that one of the best ways to take care of your aquarium pets is to get them suitable companions ( tank mates)? Keeping pets like an African dwarf frog all alone can be very boring and un-interesting. But the issue with tank mates is if the two are suitable to be together?. In this article, we will learn about African dwarf frogs and angel fish being tank mates.

Can African dwarf frog live with Angela fish? Yes, Angelfish are suitable tank mates for African dwarf frogs.

In many cases, you will notice that tank mates are attacking each other.

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That’s why it’s very important to do research before getting your pet any tank mate.

When it comes to angel fish, they’re very fast and strong swimmers and could dwell on the surface or bottom, but many times they stay on the bottom of the tank.

On the other hand, African dwarf frogs are harmless.

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So could both of them make good tank mates?

Yes, but the only problem they have is about food.

Angelfish being a fast swimmer and could eat many things, including frog’s food will always grab any food meant for the frogs.

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With this act, the frog may face starvation and malnutrition.

Apart from the issue of food, angel fish doesn’t have the time to attack them or take notice of them.

Although fish are known to eat anything that fits in their mouth.

But they don’t seem to bother the African dwarf frogs in any way, apart from grabbing their foods.

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Neither do the frogs bother them in anyway, so if you’re looking for a suitable tank mate for your African dwarf frog or Angelfish, then both of them are compatible.

On the issue of food, that could be amended by either supplying them excess food that the fish could get tired of eating and allowing the frogs to get their own bit.

Or you can choose some special and frog’s specific food which the fish won’t like nor eat.

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Or get them automatic feeder that will keep supplying them foods for 24 hours which will make the fish to get tired of eating, thereby allowing the frogs to get their own share and feed normally too.

Will African Dwarf Frog Eat Fish?

African dwarf frogs are non aggressive small aquatic frogs. They’re perfect mates for some fish like the angel fish etc.

Will African Dwarf Frog Eat Fish? Although they are not Aggressive, but they can eat anything that could fit into their mouth, which includes small fish and other animals.

African Dwarf Frogs are not aggressive in any way, but they are omnivores, which means they can eat both plants, fruits and flesh.

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Can they be able to eat grown up fish? The answer is no!.

But they can eat baby fish, dead fish, crabs, snails etc. Once those animals can fit in their mouth.

Will Angel Fish Eat African Dwarf Frogs?

Angel fish are although fast swimmers, but are gentle fish, which is why they have many suitable tank mates. The issue is, can they harm African dwarf frogs?

Will angel fish eat African Dwarf Frog? No, Angel fish don’t attack African dwarf frogs, but can only eat their foods.

Although fish are known to eat anything that enters their mouth, but African dwarf frogs could not easily enter in to Angel fish mouth, unless the fish tear the frog into pieces, which they don’t have the time for.

But I think having baby or tiny frogs with angel fish is dangerous because the fish might swallow them, once they fit in it’s mouth.