Can Assassin Snails Live with Betta Fish?

If you are in this page, it means you’re searching for information about Betta fish and assassin snails, if they could coexist and live peacefully in a tank. Well this article is for you.

Can assassin snails live with Betta fish? Yes, assassin snails and Betta fish do coexist very well in tanks. Neither assassin snails nor Betta fish could disturb nor try to hurt each other, especially when the assassin snails are big. Also both could live in the same water parameters.

If you are looking for good tank mates for your Betta fish, then you found one.

Both Betta and assassins could cohabit very well in the same tank, but sometimes, there might be one or two tiny problems.

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Those problems involves, the fish disturbing and stressing the snails, especially if they see the snails as a threat.

Another problem that could occur is, the assassin snails might be attempting to eat your Betta fish eggs.

Apart from the above little problems, the two creatures does not have any other problems when they stay together in an aquarium.

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Although I understand, the above problems could be very server, depending on how you personally see it, but many people do have these two creatures together, and they are doing just fine.

The above problems although are very rare, but could still be prevented by removing the snails from the fish tank when ever they seems to lay eggs.

As for the Betta fish attacking the assassin snails, this is just because it may see them as threat.

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If it doesn’t eat them, which is not very easy if the snails are big, then it will stop attacking them when they stay long in the tank with them.

So naturally, it will stop trying to eat the snails. Problem solved!.

When I say they could coexist in an aquarium, that is because they can really live together without any of them disturbing the other, and one can live and tolerate any condition the other tolerates.

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Some of the reasons Betta fish and Assassin snails make good tank mates

Both can survive in the same water parameters: This is because the water conditions suitable for assassin snails are
pH: 7-8
Temperature: 75-80°F
Moderate hard water.

These water parameters are also suitable for Betta fish. So therefore, any water that is suitable for assassin snail is also very suitable for Betta fish, so they could live comfortably in the same water.

Betta fish are surface dwellers, while assassin snails are bottom dwellers: This is one of the advantages they have to coexist.

This can go a long way to minimize the level of confrontations between them. Because the fish do stay most of their time on the surface, while the snails stay most or all of their time at the bottom of the tank.

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By so doing, they stay out of each others way and so hardly get close to each other, thereby making it possible for peaceful coexistence in one tank.

Although sometimes the fish might come down to the bottom, maybe to disturb the snails, lay eggs etc, but it is just temporary and not always.

Assassin snails can’t hurt Betta fish: Although assassin snails are killers that specializes on meat, so therefore, they are carnivores.

They could kill and eat aquarium creatures like their fellow snails, shrimps, etc, but they are harmless against fish, which includes Betta fish.

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This made them a suitable tank mate for Betta.

In the other hand, Betta although might try to be aggressive against them, but do not care a bit about them if the snails are bigger, and when they stay for a while in the same tank.

Do Assassin snails harm fish?

As we all know, assassin snails are killers that do feed on flesh of anything they could kill. You might be wondering if they could harm fish.

Can assassin snails harm fish? No, they can not harm fish and can’t be able to kill and eat them, even if they have the chance. But some fishes do kill and eat them if they have the chance to.

There are some fishes which assassin snails could be able to harm or even kill, these are sick, dying or dead fishes.

Every snail, including assassin is very slow and thus could not match the speed of even the slowest fish, so they can’t catch any fish even if they could kill them.

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As a matter of fact, snails does not pose any threat to fishes, unless the fish is dead, or nearly to die, then the assassins could be able to eat the fish’s body.

The only harm they could incur to fishes is eating their eggs if not protected by the fish.

They will not harm fish, but their eggs and some fishes could harm them, including their eggs too, so it’s the other way round.

Which fishes can live with Assassin Snails?

Some suitable fish tank mates for assassin snails are:

– Guppies.
– Betta fish.
– Cory fish.
– Otocinclus catfish.