Can Assassin Snails share Tank with Mystery Snails?

Are you a snail lover?. Do you have aquarium?. If you do, are you are thinking of combining different kinds of snails such as mystery snails and assassin snails in one aquarium?. Your question might be ‘ will they live together? or will they coexist together?’. Well, this article is specifically for you.

Can Assassin snails and Mystery snails live together? Assassin snails and Mystery snails cannot live together in a tank because assassin snails will kill and eat them.

Assassin snails, as the name shows are killer snails.

They are carnivores and do eat anything they could be able to kill, on the other hand, mystery snails, although very big are harmless and non aggressive snails.

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This do make them an easy prey to assassin snails.

Assassin snails are killers and does not make good tank mate with any snail and even some other aquarium animals such as shrimps, and even some fishes.

They are ver aggressive and so good at hunting, that they will hunt any thing they could kill, no matter how big or small.

This made Mystery snails their prey, despite their sizes.

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You could say Mystery snails are too big for small sized assassin snails to kill and eat.

Yes, it is very hard for an assassin snail to take down a big mystery snail, infact it’s nearly impossible.

This is why they normally ignore large mystery snails and go for smaller snails they could easily take down.

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But when they become very hungry, they will team up in large number and take down a mystery snail.

The fact is, they don’t normally hurt mystery snails because of their sizes, especially if there are other smaller snails in the same aquarium they could go for.

But they do hurt them if they become very hungry and are in large number.

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If you ask me what I think about having assassin snails and Mystery snails together in an aquarium, well, my answer did be capital No!.

I can’t suggest having the two different snails together in an aquarium, unless you don’t love your mystery snails.

How do Assassin snails kill Other Snails?

You might be wondering ‘how in the world can a snail kill and eat it’s fellow snails if they don’t have teeth’?. I do understand what you are thinking because I have been there myself.

Assassin Snails have a mouth and rasping radula which they do extend into the shells of other snails. The radula acts as a scouring pad, slowly grating away flesh and blood and weakening their prey. They do team up in large number to bring down a large snail which they can’t kill individually.

When they do this, the prey will be getting weaker and dying slowly, and when that happens, they will start feeding on the prey.

Assassin snails are very deadly that they could kill any snail you might think of, infact it is used as a biological method of controlling the menace of some snails that breed very rapidly in the aquarium.

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That’s to say, if you have some species of snails in your tanks, and their population is becoming overwhelming to you, then get in some assassin snails in the tank and watch them eat all the other snails.