Can Bangaai Cardinal Fish Live With Clownfish?

Can Bangaai  Cardinal fish live with Clownfish?

As a fish keeper, one of the joys in fish keeping is keeping different fish together and seeing them cooperate or defend their territories and many more. As a saltwater fish keeper, you must have imagined keeping Bangaai Cardinal fish and Clownfish together because those two fish are great aquarium fish. If you are here reading this article, it means you have imagined so and you want to know if both could get along or not, well this article will answer your questions and many more.

Can Bangaai Cardinal Fish live with Clownfish? Bangaai Cardinal fish and Clownfish could live together but their cohabitation will not be peaceful.

Both Clownfish and Bangaai Cardinal fish are small fish and are almost the same size.

Can Bangaai  Cardinal fish live with Clownfish?

Clownfish could attain a size of 3-5 inches in length and Bangaai Cardinal being a bit smaller could go from 3-4 inches in length and this made them almost the same size.

Apart from being almost the same size, they are both semi-aggressive and could protect their territories with a fight.

Despite that both could be fierce when it suits them, Bangaai Cardinal fish is calmer or more peaceful than Clownfish.

Both fish are tropical saltwater fish and are reef safe, so they could comfortably live in the same environment and in the same type of water and water parameters without having any issues.

From the above, we can see that both of them are compatible and could live together without many issues apart from their temperaments which is where the problem lies.

Despite that they may fight over territory and food, the truth is that they could hardly inflict much damage on each other since they are almost the same size, and both are quick swimmers. So, they can be kept together.

Although I said that they could live together, but keeping them together requires taking 4 simple precautions, they are:

1. Get them a larger tank: Being two semi-aggressive fish and knowing that they are territorial and could fight a lot, one of the right steps to take to curb the territorial tendency and thereby reduce their aggression is getting them a sizeable tank.

As a fish keeper, you must have known by now that one of the factors that trigger more aggression in fish is keeping them in a tiny environment, so get your fish a large tank so that they could feel free and claim as many territories as they could and be healthy too.

So, getting your Bangaai Cardinal fish and Clownfish in a large tank of about 55gallons or more will enable them to avoid each other and thereby avoid confrontations with each other.

2. Invest in Hiding Places: Hiding is good for fish in many ways, either for resting, sleeping or running, or staying away from other fish, etc.

Sometimes, the relative peace in many aquariums is made possible by the presence of hiding places such as caves, PVC pipes, Gravel, Rocks, etc.

Also being reef safe, it is important to design your tank so that it could replicate the natural environment of these two fish.

So, they might need to have reefs in their tank.

3. Invest in Life Plants: Naturally, fish love live plants, and getting some for them will not only make them more comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful but also provide hiding places, and places to sleep and explore.

Life Plants serve many other purposes in the aquarium and one of them is converting some handful of toxins to be beneficial or neutralizing them by absorbing them and giving out more oxygen, etc.

There are many life plants that you could get for your fish, but I recommend Java Moss because it doesn’t die very easily.

4. Don’t keep more than one of each fish: I mean, it is advisable to keep one Cardinal and one Clownfish because they will easily cohabitate than keep many which could make it very difficult to have peace in the tank.

Can Bangaai Cardinals Live Alone?

Bangaai Cardinals could live alone in a tank.

They are lone fish and are not affected by it. They love living in pairs more but at the same time don’t care if they are alone or with their kind, as they could slightly tolerate each other unless they are paired.


Bangaai Cardinal fish could live with Clownfish but only if you follow the guidelines above.


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