Can Porcupine Puffer Fish Live In Freshwater?

Can Porcupine Puffer Fish Live In Freshwater?

I have received questions from many people asking if Porcupine Puffer Fish could be able to live and survive in Freshwater.

We all know that these fish are very popular among many hobbyists and they are known by other names such as Porcupinefish, Burrfish, and Balloonfish.

One of the reasons why they are popular is because they could bloat like a balloon and become normal again when they want to.

This is very entertaining.

These fish have some resemblance to the Parrot Fish or Parrot Cichlid and many people love them because of their entertaining behaviors such as bloating themselves, etc.

Many people who are interested in them often want to know the type of water they could dwell in.

Can Porcupine Puffer Fish Live In Freshwater?

Are Porcupine Puffer Fish Freshwater?

All species of Porcupine Puffer Fish are Saltwater and brackish water dwellers. They don’t live in freshwater.

Pufferfish are naturally found in the seas because they are marine fish and not freshwater fish.

These fish has many species and they vary in size, but on average, they are large fish, and each needs an average of a 50 gallons tank, depending on the size, and could eat almost all that other fish could eat because they are omnivores.

Porcupine Puffer Fish are Marine fish and should be kept in a saltwater reef tank which is their ideal type of water.