Can Blood Parrotfish Live With Tiger Barbs?

Can Blood Parrotfish Live With Tiger Barbs?

One of the most important aspects of fish keeping is knowing the type of fish to keep together and whether they will still be okay together without aggression, etc. In this article, you are going to learn if Blood Parrotfish and Tiger Barbs could live together. Blood Parrot fish are big cichlids, although friendly, especially with their type, but could get aggressive if they want. Although they lack the capability to hurt other big fish because of their deformed mouth, but they can stand up for themselves. On the other hand, Tiger Barbs can be very aggressive and territorial too, especially on smaller fish. Judging by the temperament of the two fish, many people often wonder if they could be kept together as tank mates. If you are reading this article, it means you want to know if they could live together, then read to the end.

Can Blood Parrotfish live with Tiger Barbs? Blood Parrotfish and Tiger Barbs are compatible with each other and could live together.

Looking at both the temperament and the ideal water parameters of both fish, you will discover that they could live in the same water type and condition and still thrive.

For instance, both are freshwater and their ideal water temperature is 76–80°F,
and both also have similar pH and could tolerate each other as tank mates.

Although I and many other aquarists normally advise against keeping two aggressive fish together, but in the case of Tiger Barbs and Blood Parrot Cichlids, you can keep them together because they stay out of each other’s way.

Although Tiger Barbs are fin nippers and territorial, but they avoid the much bigger Parrot Cichlids because they could defend themselves against any fish, although they can’t hurt tiger Barbs because of their deformed mouth.

So, the two of them are compatible because they mind their individual business when they are kept together.

Can Cherry Barbs Live With Blood Parrotfish?

Cherry Barbs and Blood Parrotfish could live together because they neither disturb nor harm each other.

Cherry Barbs, just like Tiger Barbs could live with Blood Parrot Cichlids because they can tolerate the same water parameters, temperature, and even temperament, etc.

What Fish Can Blood Parrotfish Live With?

If you are looking for other compatible fish for your Blood Parrotfish, then here are a lot more:



Mid-sized Tetras


I strongly recommend you keep them with big peaceful fish or smaller aggressive fish but avoid keeping them with an aggressive fish that is bigger than them, in order for them not to stress your Blood Parrotfish.


Although Barbs and Blood Parrotfish could live together, but it is advisable to always check them out, just in case there happens to be some aggression going on in the tank.