Can Parrotfish Live With Goldfish? 3 Reasons Why They Can’t

Can Parrott fish live with Goldfish? 3 reasons why they can't

In fish keeping, one of the sweetest things is keeping different fish together in one tank with each one of them having their unique colors, making the tank colorful and swimming about, but the problem is some fish are compatible while some are not and can’t be kept together. In this article, you are going to learn if Parrotfish and goldfish are compatible to live together or not, so read to the end.

Can Parrotfish live with Goldfish? They can’t live together because Parrotfish dwells in a warm water temperature while Goldfish dwells in a cold water temperature.

It is an undeniable fact that every fish has their unique features which are temperament, type of water, or condition of water they dwell in, type of temperature they could tolerate, etc.

Although many fish share some similarities in all these and could be kept together without any atom of problem, but when it comes to Parrotfish living with Goldfish, it is impossible because their water temperature is not similar.

Let’s take a look at the water parameters and temperament of both fish in order to understand more reasons why they can’t be kept together.

ParrotFish Water Parameters

Water temperature:

76–80°F (24.4–26.6°C)


Fine gravel or sand that the fish can dig in

Tank setup:

Driftwood, clay pots, java fern, hornwort, and Anubis


6.5–7.4 pH

Water type:

Brackish water

Goldfish Water Parameters

Water type- freshwater

Ammonia <0.1ppm.

Nitrite <0.2ppm.

Nitrate <50ppm (<110ppm tolerance)

pH 6.5-7.5 (tolerance range: 5.0-9.0)

KH 70-140ppm.

GH 150ppm.

Temperature 20-24°C (tolerance range: 8-30°C)

Can You Keep ParrotFish With Goldfish?

Parrotfish and goldfish cannot be kept together because they have different water temperatures.

Why it is impossible to keep both fish together are:

1. The water temperature is different: Parrotfish can only survive in a warm water temperature because they are tropical fish, while goldfish can only survive in a cold temperature.

So, there is no now both can be kept together, unless one must have to die for the other to live because water cannot be cold and warm at the same time to harbor both fish.

2. Goldfish produce much waste and could easily breed ammonia, which could kill Parrotfish.

If you check the water parameters of both fish above, you will notice that goldfish could tolerate ammonia, this is because they produce a lot of waste which leads to Ammonia, so they could tolerate it, but it could be very fatal for Parrotfish.

3. Parrotfish need to be in brackish water to survive, while goldfish can’t tolerate salt.

The fact is, it is impossible to keep freshwater fish in saltwater, or they will dehydrate and die. So, they can’t be kept together.

Can Blood ParrotFish Live With Goldfish?

Blood Parrott fish dwells in a tropical environment, while Goldfish dwells in a cold environment, therefore they can’t live together.

As I explained above, for you to keep any type of goldfish and Parrotfish together, one of them must have to die because they live in different water types and water cannot be favorable to both fish. So, they can’t live together.


Can Parrotfish Hurt Other Fish?

Parrotfish don’t bite, but they can still harm other fish by pushing them into sharp rocks and corals where they might be harmed.

Parrotfish are sometimes considered bullies based on how they chase and treat other fish, especially smaller fish, and might chase them into harm.

So, Parrotfish could harm other fish.


Goldfish and Parrotfish can’t be kept together, or one will have to die.

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