Can Dart Frogs Drown? (why they may drown)

Can Dart Frogs Drown (why they may drown)

Can dart frogs drown? I have seen this question many times in online forums and social media. The thing is, nobody is giving any satisfactory answer if this specie of frog could actually drown in water or not. So as a pet enthusiast, i began to research by asking some frog experts and consulting some books about this particular specie of frogs.

Can dart frogs drown? Yes, they will drown if they’re sick and can’t breath enough oxygen.

Just like every other specie of frogs, poison dart frogs are amphibian and so can breath underwater, but the way frogs breath is not the way other amphibian or aquatic animals breath.

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They have lungs just like land animals do instead of gills like aquatic animals and they breath oxygen with their body instead of their noses.

this is very unbelievable. Anyway they’re good at swimming and could stay submerged underwater for hours before trying to surface.

They’re very good at swimming, so to answer your question, yes, despite being good swimmers, they can still drown in water.

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But it’s not very common for frogs being an amphibian animals to still drown in water, unless they’re seriously sick or attacked by other animals etc.

So this does not just happen ordinarily.

Can Frogs Drown in Deep Water?

If you have pet frogs, you must have wondered if they can actually drown in deed water, and so might be wondering if the level of your tank deepness is okay for your frogs.

Can frog drown in deep water? Yes, They will drown in deep water without any place to rest on the surface.

Have you asked yourself why it’s very important to build an island or at least place some floating objects in your frog tanks?

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This is because frogs need them to rest at the water surface.

They’re amphibians and makes use of lungs, so despite being able to stay in water for hours, they can get stressed if they don’t surface and rest.

Again they breath oxygen through their body, and so keeping them in a deep water or tank without any access to a resting place at the surface could only lead to the depletion of oxygen at the bottom of the tank, thereby leading to them drowning.

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Keeping any type of frog in deep water, especially dart frog is very dangerous, as they might suffocate and die.

The normal deep a frog tank could be is 2 feet, so that they could be able to get enough oxygen at the bottom of the tank and could easily surface.

Do Dart Frogs Go in Water?

Yes, dart frog is an amphibian and a decent swimmer.

They stay in water more than they stay on land.

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Of course they’re are amphibians and do stay in water, infact they can’t live without water because they breath with the help of water.

They have lungs and breath with their body, so the body needs to be wet for them to breath oxygen properly.