Why Is My Frog So Skinny? ( 5 reasons explained with solution)

Why Is My Frog So Skinny

Having pets could be fun, especially if you love them, but sometimes, things might not go as you planned in terms of pet keeping. If you’re an aquarium pet person, then you will agree with me that frogs are nice pets to keep, but sometimes they might not seem completely satisfactory to you as you wish because they’re so skinny and unhealthy. Every pet keeper would want their pets to be plumpy and healthy, so you would want that too, that’s why you’re reading this article.

Why is my frog so skinny? Your frog could be skinny because of the diet it takes, it’s the environment or because it is sick.

I know how it feels seeing your pet frog turn from chubby or fat to very skinny and have unhealthy look.

Why Is My Frog So Skinny

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It feels sad and frustrating, so in this article, we will learn about why they could get skinny and look unhealthy and the possible solutions.

All Frogs are carnivores and would eat anything flesh, ranging from insects to other aquarium animals etc.

So this means that they consume more of protein, but why are some of them skinny especially African dwarf frogs and white tree frogs etc.

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Some of the possible causes of the extreme slimness of white tree frogs and African dwarf frogs are:

Dirty water: Dirty water is very bad for all aquarium creatures, which frogs are among.

The fact is, dirty water could do alot more harm to your white tree frogs and African dwarf frogs etc.

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It could cause alot of harm to them which include breeding bacterias that would attack your frogs and make them sick and skinny.

So it is very necessary to always clean you frog’s tank at least once in a weak and get a filter, so that leftover foods which could cause bacteria and water hardiness could be removed.

Unsuitable water condition: Water is the natural habitat of frogs, especially white tree frogs and African dwarf frogs, so if it gets uncomfortable for them, it could lead to them being unhealthy and skinny.

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Imagine having your frogs in a water with lower temperature that is less than 78-80°F or higher.

Or in a pH that’s not suitable for them.

Or in a water that contain salt, Nitrate and ammonia etc. What do you think will happen?

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They will get uncomfortable and unrelaxed and maybe stop eating, which will inturn make them skinny and unhealthy.

In order to avoid this, I think you should make a research about what frogs need and provide them.

Poor feeding: Poor feeding is another major causes of frogs getting skinny.

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We all know that we’re part of what we eat, so, just like human and other animals, if proper feeding is not being taken, then the body will start to lack nutrition and will slim down.

This is also applicable to frogs also.

On average, an African dwarf frog and white tree frog should be fed at least 5 times a week with balanced diets.

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It is possible that your pet frog is not sick, at least for the meantime, but is just lacking enough nutrients.

So your frog maybe suffering from malnutrition, that’s why it is very skinny.

Your frog is sick: This is very common and happens almost every time.

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There are many reasons frogs could get sick and also there are many diseases, bacterias and viruses that could infect a frog and make it to become sick.

If you notice that your frog is getting so slim because it is sick, then call a vet for proper medical advice and quarantine etc.
I don’t offer medical advice.

You frog might be getting old: Do you know that when frogs get too old, or should I say get to the end of their life span, then they will start getting skinny, no matter what they eat.

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This also happens to every other animal.

So if your frog, especially African dwarf frog and white tree frog are getting so skinny, then you might have to calculate their age and see if it’s actually the cause, especially if they ain’t showing any sign of sickness, but are still getting slimmer, no matter what they eat etc.

The above are the common reasons why your African dwarf frog and white tree frog could be getting so skinny.

How do I know if my white tree frog is skinny?

You might have a white tree frog and so you may be wondering how you will know if it is getting skinny or normal, as the case may be.
How do I know if my white tree frog is skinny? This frog has ridges above the eardrum that indicates the amount of body fat it has, If you see noticeable ridges, then know that the frog is getting slimmer, but sagging ridges indicates excess fatness.

From the above indication, you will be able to tell if your white tree frog is actually getting skinny or adding weight, so you should either reduce the amount of food you give it or double it and so on.

How do I fatten up my white tree frog?

After reading the instructions i gave above on how to check if your white tree frog is skinny or gaining weight, you might also want to know how to fatten them up if they seems skinny.

How do I fatten up my white tree frog? There are so many foods that could fatten white tree frogs up very quickly which includes, tiny mice, tiny garden lizards, skinks, shrimps etc.

Although there are many nutritious foods that could help your frogs to gain alot of weight in a little while if being fed regularly, but the ones I mentioned above has worked so many times according to people’s review and also from from experts.

We are what we eat, so give them proper foods and see them Bloom and become that pet you wished for.

How long can white tree frogs go without eating?

Although food matters alot, but when it comes to feeding frogs like white tree frog, then it gets less expensive because they don’t seems to eat alot (my opinion though).

How long can white tree frogs go without eating? Adult white free frogs could go over a month without food, while baby white tree frogs could go up to 2 weeks without food.

This is the reason I said feeding this type of frog is not very expensive, compared to other pets.

So on an average, you should feed them. at least 5 time a week with good foods.

Don’t in anyway allow them to starve just because they can endure a long period of time without food, or they will get skinny and unhealthy.

How can I help my African dwarf frog?

Also if you have African dwarf frog that is getting skinny, you might be looking for the possible answers on how to help him.

How do I help my African dwarf frog? Feed him properly with balanced diet, and give him 8-13 hours of light a day to help stimulate the natural environment.

Other ways to help African dwarf frog is to provide the right temperature which is 68-78°F and also provide the perfect water pH which is 6.8-7.8.

Cleaning the tank and checking the water parameters is great for them too.

Calling the attention of a vet is the best way to help him if you notice any strange attitude.


I hope this article is helpful.

Like I always say, this blog has nothing to do with giving medical advice, so always meet your vet for medical advice