Can Different Types of Aquarium Snails Breed?

Can Different types of aquarium snails breed?

There are so many kinds and species of aquarium snails, some are so pretty and some are pests, some are beautifully colored etc. But one thing some of us do wonder is, ” can different species of aquarium snails breed?

Different species of aquarium snails cannot breed. Even if it’s possible, they will end up producing a hybrid that can’t breed, due to chromosome differences.

Makes sense?, Water snail comes in different species and types, some are sexual while so many of them are hermaphrodites and so, do not require male, as each snail in this group has two organs which it will use to reproduce.

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Unless the 2 different species are scientifically/Biological engineered to breed, in a lab etc, if possible.

But when it comes to the two different species literally mating and breeding offsprings, I don’t think so and I haven’t seen nor heard of it.

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Asking if different species or types of aquarium snails could mate and breed is like asking if Donkeys could mate and breed with horses or camels etc, which is not possible in any way.

But in the case the reproductive system of different types of aquarium snails are scientifically engineered to produce a hybrid, there is every possibility that the hybrid will not be entirely okay, as it may not be able to mate nor breed when it grow up, if at all it will.

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Honestly, I don’t think different species of snails could mate and breed, and I don’t see it happening sooner.

If you have any proof that it’s possible, kindly share it with me, and I will update this article at once.