Can Apple Snails Live in Cold Water?

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Apple snails are very lovely dudes that can add more magnificent view to your fish tank etc. They have many colors, and species. Their colors ranges from dark brown, red brown, light brown with dark stripes etc. Having them in an aquarium with their different colors will make alot of sense, but the question is, what kind of temperature is suitable for them.

Can Apple snails live in cold water? Apple snails are tropical snails and does not enjoy staying in cold water. The best water temperature for Apple snail is 18-28°C (65-82°F).

Historically, apple snails come from tropical areas like Some parts of Africa, South America etc.

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By coming from humid or temperate environment, therefore, they can’t be classified as cold temperature animals nor hot temperature animals neither, but average.

That’s to say they prefer their water temperature not too cold nor too hot.

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It has been scientifically proven that these snails do not thrive much on cold environment.

That explains why they can hardly be seen in cold areas of the world.

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For instance in some parts of Europe like Russia etc and North America, unless they are being kept inside the house as pets, where they will enjoy room temperature.

But in tropical areas where they do so much well, they sometimes turn to pest and eat farm plants which they could lay their hands on.

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But in cold regions, you can never see them outside, especially in the winter.

Being a temperate loving snails, they could be raised in any part of the world, including USA, Canada, Europe etc, once you have them in your rooms or sheds where the room temperature will keep them from getting cold or too cold which they don’t like.

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If you find yourself in any country with cold climate condition and you feel like to have apple snails as pet, you can!.

Yes you can still have them, but don’t leave them outside the house in the winter, or they will die!. Also heater might help here.

What Temperature Do Apple Snails Need?

Like I explained above, apple Snails historical are tropical animals. That means they only love temperate environment and does not like to live in either hot nor cold water. So what exact temperature do they need?

Apple Snails thrives in water temperature that’s between 18 to 28°C (65-82°F).

Although snails can tolerate lower temperature, but it depends.

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Tropical snails like the apple snails can tolerate lower water temperature, but to some extent.

Because if the water gets too cold, for instance to freezing point, they will be very likely to die if they stay long in such water.

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Being a temperate water animal makes them good tank mates to some fishes and other aquarium animals that can tolerate the same temperature like them.

So if you are looking for tank mates, check apple snails.

Do Apple Snails Need a Heater?

Knowing that this type of Snails do thrive more in temperate water condition and you happen to live in a cold region or country, your question might be, do I get a heater if I want to raise them?

Yes, they need a heater in their tanks to keep the water temperature normal. Heater will make them happy and lively by giving them the exact temperature they need.

Like I mentioned above. Apple snails being a temperate water snails doesn’t limit you from having them even if you live in Antarctica (lol) where the weather is always freezing.

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Just get them a heater which can give them the exact temperature they need, trust me they will be just happy and lively.


Apple snails can neither live nor survive in cold water.

At least for long, this is where having a good heater comes in, if the weather you live in is not suitable for them.