Can Dottyback Live With Clownfish?

can Dottyback live with Clownfish?

Fish could be nice when kept in a community tank ( a fish tank that houses many types of fish) Both the fish and the Aquarists could enjoy it because the fish will be excited to interact with each other and play about while the Aquarists will be entertained by the beauty of the fish and mainly the behaviors.

Although this sounds interesting but the bad news is that many fish are territorial and aggressive too, keeping them together with other fish will lead to fights and bullies.

Dottyback fish is an aggressive saltwater fish but beautiful and colorful, many aquarists do dream of keeping them with fish like Clownfish, and the combination of the two different fish could be nice, but the question is, can they live together? you will find out in this article. So read to the end for total comprehension.

Can Dottyback live with Clownfish? Dottyback could fairly live with Clownfish. They could be made to manage to live together but it is not recommendable because they will fight each other.

The only advice I always give to my readers is, before thinking of establishing a fish tank that will contain different fish, be sure to make research to find out if both fish you intended to keep together are compatible or not, so that you won’t make a huge mistake by keeping incompatible fish together.

So, if you are reading this article, then it is great.

When it comes to compatibility among fish, some fish are and some are not, maybe despite being in the same family, being of the same size, and being able to tolerate the same environment, etc.

On the issue of Dottyback and Clownfish, both fish are of the same size which is 4 inches.

They can comfortably live or tolerate the same water type and water parameters and even eat the same food, but they are both aggressive in nature.

Talking of their level of aggression, Clownfish is semi-aggressive and could get really fierce sometimes, on the other hand, Dottyback is very aggressive and territorial too.

Dottyback is very intolerant and often bullies smaller fish, and could turn your tank into a war zone.

If you study the temperament of both fish, you will learn that they could hardly tolerate each other, and so, it is not advisable to keep them together unless you are a professional fish keeper.

I have read some people recommend keeping both fish together. Well, the truth is, they could tolerate each other for a while, especially if the Clownfish have established before you introduce the Dottyback, but trust me, the aquarium will be full of aggression and fights in a few months.

So, if you ask me if they could be kept together. Well, the answer is yes, but for a while or you must be an expert, if not, I totally discourage doing so because both might be stressed and could suffer some health issues.

The truth is that both fish are of the same size and are both aggressive and territorial, so they can’t fatally harm each other, but health problems will start when they are consistently getting stressed as a result of too much fight and aggression and also fin nipping, etc.


Dottyback and Clownfish could live together if you know what you are doing, but as a less experienced fish keeper, it is best for you to keep off!


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