Do Pufferfish Play Dead?

Do Pufferfish Play Dead?

As I always say, every fish is unique in its way and behaves differently from other fish, but sometimes some of their behaviors could look similar.

One of such behaviors is playing dead or acting as if they are dead by staying still and not moving for a long time, even when poked. This sometimes could make you think that they are dead.

Many fish are fond of it and they do exhibit it from time to time.

Although there may be some health issues that may make them do this, but sometimes nothing is wrong with them but they are just acting it.

Many fish could act as if they are dead, or play dead as we may call it, the question here is, do Puffer fish play dead? you will find out in this article and a lot more.

Pufferfish are very active, lively, and friendly nocturnal saltwater fish, sometimes they are shy.

Just like many other aquarium fish, these fish could play dead by staying still in a particular location for a very long time and sometimes will not move even when you poke them.

Again they could go missing for a while by hiding inside caves, rocks, or substrates and bury themselves, making you think that they have gone missing or are dead, especially potato puffer does this a lot.

Sometimes they could play dead by turning upside-down, making you think they are dead because dead fish and other aquatic animals are known to float at that position when they are dead.

Another way they normally act that look as if they are dead is by staying motionless at the bottom of the tank.

If you are wondering if Puffer fish play dead, yes they do.

They do act dead, at least based on our interpretation of the acts but sometimes they do it willingly and many times they do it because something is wrong with them which we will look into in a second.

Why Puffer Fish Play Dead ( Why Fish Play Dead)

1. Sickness: The most common reason why fish of all types could play dead is that they are sick.

When a fish is sick, it will automatically stop eating and become very weak and sometimes unable to move even if you slightly poke it, unless you bring it out or shock the fish violently then it might move a bit.

Diseases like fin rot or swim bladder bloat could be the reason why the fish is floating upside-down down and maybe weak which you might interpret as playing dead.

2. it is their nature: One of the reasons why many people think their puffer fish is playing dead is because it is hiding for a while, staying inactive in the daytime.

For those who don’t know much about these fish, they assume that since their puffer is not active during the daytime which they expect it to be, therefore they will assume that the fish is acting dead.

Well, puffers are nocturnal fish that sleep throughout the daytime and become active once it is night.

Many people complain about this, but it is just their nature because they are nocturnal fish.

Why Is My Puffer Fish Laying On The Bottom Of The Tank?

Pufferfish laying down on the bottom of the tank is one of the main reasons why people think that they could play dead.

There are some reasons why they lie down on the bottom of the tank and they are: Due to bloat of the stomach or the swim bladder as a result of overfeeding or as a result of diseases.

Another reason why they could lay down is that they are resting or sleeping or stressed by poor water quality and Toxins.


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