Can Fiddler Crab Live With Crayfish?

If you’re reading this article, it means you’re searching for information on the possibilities of fiddler crabs living with crayfish. In this article, you will learn if it’s possible in anyway to keep the 2 aquarium animals in a tank as pet. We all know how aggressive and territorial crayfish can be, and on the other hand, fiddler crabs are gentle and are always on their own, which brings the curiosity if both of them could be able to coexist in one tank.

Can fiddler crab live with crayfish? No, fiddler crab lives in brackish water, while almost all crayfish lives in freshwater. Again crayfish is very likely to eat the fiddler crab even if you manage to get them together.

Personally, I think it did be very nice seeing both of them in a well decorated tank in my room.

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But the fact is, both are not compatible to share a tank because of their huge differences in almost everything.

Can crayfish live with fiddler crab?

Like I mentioned earlier, crayfish are freshwater dwellers, at least 95% of them.

Seeing a saltwater crayfish is not very common, so all the crayfish in pet stores are freshwater dwellers.

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Fiddler crabs being saltwater dwellers makes both animals very far from each other in terms of their natural habitats.

Let’s assume you bought a fiddler crab and place it in a freshwater inhabited by crayfish, the crab will end up unhealthy or may even die in a short while because that type of water is not favorable to it’s health.

The same goes for putting crayfish in a salt water.

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So both of them can’t share a tank.

Another reason crayfish can’t live with fiddler crab is because crayfish are both aggressive and territorial.

Infact a crayfish will kill and eat any other animal it could kill.

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So making both of them to share a tank will only end up causing a fight which is very likely to lead to the death of the fiddler crab or crayfish.

So therefore, it’s advise to keep both in different tanks if you must have them.

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Again, both crayfish and fiddler crabs are bottom dwellers, therefore putting them together will only end up making them to Stan on each others way which will definitely cause troubles, judging from how territorial and aggressive crayfish are.

It is not advisable to keep 2 bottom dwellers in a tank, especially an aggressive creatures like crayfish.

Can I keep Crayfish with Crabs?

Also you might be curious to know if other crabs could be able to share a tank with crayfish, since joining fiddler crabs and crayfish is a bad idea.

Can I keep crayfish with crabs? No, crayfish will end up eating the crabs or the crab will eat the crayfish.

The fact is, crayfish and crabs can hardly coexist, despite being in the same family of crustacean.

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Despite being able to tolerate the same type of water and water parameters, they’re not still good tank mates because the crayfish will always stir up troubles which will cause a fight.

I have witnessed where a big hermit crab single handedly killed 2 troublesome crayfish. So they can’t coexist with crayfish.


Crabs and crayfish are not good tank mates and so will not share the same tank, or you will end up loosing them in a fight.

The best thing to do is to provide them with different tanks.