Can Crayfish And Snails Share A Tank? Why They Can’t

Can Crayfish And Snails Share A Tank

Can crayfish and aquarium snails live together in a tank?. This is a very popular question amongst pet lovers. We all know how intolerant, territorial and aggressive a crayfish can be, they do not tolerate and so do not have many suitable tank mates. So are snails suitable tank make for crayfish?.

Crayfish and snails are not suitable tank mates and can’t live together. Crayfish will eat them when it is hungry.

I understand how magnificent and awesome it would be to see some different species of snails hanging around in your crayfish aquarium, well, it is so sad that you can hardly keep them with crayfish.

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Crayfish are known to eat many things, including plants, leaves, and even animals it could be able to kill, and snails are among them.

Snails only eat things like vegetables, plants etc and do not kill and eat a living creature, but crayfish do that, in fact, crayfish love killing and eating other animals, including some fishes, shrimps etc, so the two creatures can not coexist, or one will eat the other, which is sad.

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Crayfish about to eat a snail

The truth is, asking if crayfish could coexist with snails is like asking if a lion could live with a goat or dear, I hope you know what the results will be, so both creatures can never stay together in one aquarium.

Another reason why they will be very easy for crayfish to eat is, they are very very slow, in fact, crayfish is far faster than snails. This will make them easy prey for crayfish.

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You might say that their shell will protect them from crayfish. The truth is, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. If a snail is in its shell, a crayfish pinch can do absolutely nothing to him, but the snail must surely go about looking for food, etc, then the cray will get him, or even penetrate the shell.

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They could coexist for some time because snails are not that easy to be killed by a cray. They may choose to climb on the walls of the aquarium and stay there for a while or even climb anything they see in the aquarium, and when they are at the bottom of the water may decide to stay in their shell which crayfish can’t easily penetrate.

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Apart from getting eaten, another thing to consider is, ‘ can their water parameters match? ‘. Even if the snails will survive the crayfish, the nature of the snails may not match that of the crayfish, and this will bring confusion on how to make the two creatures be comfortable etc and might lead to one of them having problems because the environment is not suitable for it.


Although some people claim to have some species of snail in the same aquarium as crayfish, I won’t advise that.