Can Firefish Live Together?

Can Firefish live together?

Fire Goby popularly known as Firefish is a specie of Goby fish, they are saltwater fish just like all Gobies and could be very active and aggressive at the same time, little wonder why many people do ask if they could be able to tolerate each other and other fish too. The fact is that they are good for the community tank because despite being aggressive, they could tolerate some other fish too. Now the question is, can they tolerate themselves too? You will find out in this article.

Can Firefish live together? Firefish do not school and do not tolerate each other much unless they are in pairs per tank which is a male and a female.

As I always say, one of the worst mistakes any fish keeper could make is to keep two aggressive and territorial fish in the same environment, and maybe in a small fish tank.

There are many fish that are lone creatures and don’t care to have their kind in the same environment and fire goby is one of them.

In fact, it is not recommendable to keep even two of these fish in the same environment because there may still be some level of aggression going on unless the tank is exceptionally big.

This is because they are all very territorial and aggressive that they rarely tolerate their kind from trespassing on their territories.

So, Firefish cannot live together and shouldn’t be kept together unless a pair of the opposite sex, if not they will fight, stress, and even kill each other.

Sometimes those that have paired up will join forces together and go against others which might result in stress, injuries such as tail and fin nipping, etc.

Can You Keep Two Firefish Together?

Yes, Firefish are best when kept in a pairs per tank.

As we all have learned that these Fish could kill themselves, the best thing to do is to have only two per tank which is a male and a female.

This is because even if you keep only 2 per tank and both as still the same gender, they will still be showing aggression toward each other.

Can Purple And Red Firefish Live Together?

Yes, Red and Purple Firefish can be kept together but not the same sex but the opposite sex.

What I mean to say is, although they can live together, it is not advisable to keep the same gender as they will still be aggressive with each other.

So, keeping a female and a male of either species in a large tank is okay.


Firefish are not friendly to themselves and shouldn’t be kept together or they will kill themselves.