Do Cardinal Fish Jump?

Do Cardinal Fish Jump?

To some people, one of the most important things they check in fish is if they could be able to jump. I have seen many people ask such questions and in this article, you will learn if Cardinal fish could jump or not.

Do Cardinal fish jump? Yes, all fish could jump including Cardinal fish but they rarely do it.

Cardinal fish are active and semi-aggressive fish, although some are less aggressive and territorial.

Being active and lively fish make them potential jumpers but the question is, do they jump? and how often do they do it even if they could.

The fact is species like the Banggai Cardinals and the pajamas are very likely to jump based on how active they are, but they rarely do it and don’t seem to like it either

So, the simple answer to this question is that despite that they can jump and escape from your tank, but they don’t normally do it, unless they are not very comfortable in the tank maybe as a result of aggression, toxins in the water, etc.

How To Prevent Cardinal Fish From Jumping Out Of The Tank

Not being able to jump so often doesn’t mean they couldn’t, you might be surprised to come back home one day and find out that they jumped out and die if you are not careful.

The question is, how do I avoid this from ever happening?

To Prevent them from jumping out of the tank, you only need to Buy a tank lid and cover their tank.

I know that you might be thinking of getting floating plants or any other thing to cover your tank, no! the only safe and guaranteed Method of securing them is just to get a lid and cover the tank and they will be safe from ever leaving.


Cardinal fish are not jumping fish but they can jump anyway it is very rare to see them jump.