Can Flowerhorn Live Alone?

Can Flowerhorn Live Alone?

Flowerhorns are very lively, colorful, and nice fish to have in the aquarium but the only problem they have is that they are very aggressive and territorial. They are Cichlids and all Cichlids are very aggressive and do not have many compatible tank mates. The most popular questions people ask about these fish are, can they live with each other? and can they be kept all alone?. You will learn all about that in this article, so read to the end.

Can Flowerhorn live alone? Flowerhorns are very aggressive and territorial fish, they prefer living alone to being with other fish, and they don’t have many compatible tank mates because of their aggression.

As I explained earlier, these fish are Cichlids and all Cichlids are aggressive.

Although they are not regular fish because they are products of lab bred from big American Cichlids.

Being aggressive and territorial fish, they love being all alone and doesn’t like being disturbed in any way either by people or by their fellow fish or any other aquatic animal because they could be easily stressed, and keeping another fish with them could lead to both the fish and then getting stressed because of constant chasing and fighting.

The fact is, it requires an experienced expert to successfully keep them together or with other fish because of their temperaments, so the best way to keep them is to keep them all alone.

When I say, seek them alone, what I meant to say is, that every Flowerhorn will have its tank which shouldn’t be less than 55 gallons.

So, Flowerhorns are lone fish and love to be kept alone.

Can Flowerhorns Live Together?

Flowerhorn or Flowerhorn Cichlids can be kept together but it is not advisable because they are very aggressive, and territorial and will fight each other.

Keeping them together in a tank requires much experience and a very large tank such as 500 gallons, etc.

In that case, they will have more than enough room to swim and claim as many territories as they could and also be able to hide and do other things.

Despite that, there will still be some level of aggression, but the difference is that it will be very minimal.

So, Flowerhorn Cichlids could be kept together only if you know what you are doing.


They can be kept together but it requires only an experienced fish keeper to do that, so don’t try it if you are not very knowledgeable about fish keeping, so it is better you keep them alone, each on its tank, or buy a tank divider.