Can Flowerhorn Bite?

Can Flowerhorn Bite?

I have gotten questions from some of my loyal readers asking me if Flowerhorn Cichlids could bite and if they are aggressive, etc. Flowerhorn are nice fish to keep in the home or office aquarium and they are a nice site to see because of their flower-like heads and many people love them for that. The fact is that some fish are not a bit shy nor afraid and could rush to bite anything they see, including your fingers. If you are wondering if Flowerhorn Cichlids are one of them, then read this article to the end.

Can Flowerhorn bite? Yes, Flowerhorn could bite. They are very aggressive and will bite your fingers and make you bleed.

As a fish keeper, you should have known that not all fish are shy nor afraid of anything, especially those aggressive types.

If you are wondering if Flowerhorn fish could bite, first of all, know that they are Cichlids and almost all Cichlids are very aggressive and could bite you if you put your fingers in their tanks.

I have seen and heard many people complain of being bitten by their fish and this is not a new thing to many people, especially those that keep aggressive fish like the Cichlids, Tigers, Koi, and the rest of them.

Flowerhorns can bite and they can draw your blood if they are big enough, so you better be cautious when handling them.

Is Flowerhorn Dangerous?

Yes, Flowerhorns are dangerous. They are very aggressive and have sharp teeth which could hurt you and make your fingers bleed when they bite you.

Being an aggressive fish, they are very dangerous to both man and other fish or animals because they have sharp teeth to bite and it hurts a lot and could injure your fingers, depending on the size of the fish.

They don’t like being touched, poked, or irritated, they like to stay on their own, secluded, and in their mood and rhythm in water.

Although, so many people could pet them on the head, maybe because they have found a way to tame or domesticate them, but it’s not advisable to pet them because they can hurt you.

Does Flowerhorn Fish Have Teeth?

Yes, Flowerhorns have sharp teeth which they use to bite and to kill and chew their foods.

Just like every other fish and animal, the more or bigger they grow, the bigger their teeth grow and the more painful they become when they bite.

Is Flowerhorn Bite Poisonous?

No, their bite is not poisonous but it could hurt you and cause serious injury.


All Cichlids have the potential to bite and might do it if you are not very cautious with them.

So, Flowerhorn being a Cichlid will bite you if they see the opportunity.