Can Flowerhorn Live With Arowana?

Can Flowerhorn Live With Arowana

Many fish keepers normally live to keep different species and types of fish together in the same aquarium and that is one of the joy of fish keeping but some fish are compatible to be kept together while some are not. In this article, you will learn if Flowerhorn and Arowana are compatible to live together.

Can Flowerhorn live with Arowana? They can tolerate each other when they are still small but will become very aggressive and territorial to each other and might kill each other.

Fish could be unpredictable sometimes due to their behaviors.

Can Flowerhorn Live With Arowana

Many fish are aggressive and territorial and many more are dangerously aggressive and could eat anything that swims in their tanks.

In the case of Arowana and Flowerhorn Cichlids, both are very aggressive and territorial fish that could barely tolerate anything that swims in their tanks, especially anything that they are bigger than.

Arowana could reach a size of 2 – 3 feet making it a very big fish and dangerous too.

Flowerhorn could reach a size of 12 – 15 inches making it a big fish but very tiny compared to Arowana.

Despite that both are freshwater dwellers, they are not compatible to live together or the Arowana being very big, deadly to other fish and unbearably aggressive and territorial will kill and eat the Flowerhorn.

Being two aggressive fish, they are better kept together when they are barely 5 inches in size so that non could have the capability to harm the other but once the Arowana starts outgrowing the Flowerhorn, then you need to change tank for it or it is going to kill your Cichlid very soon.

Apart from it’s aggressiveness, being a big fish, it requires a very big tank to be comfortable and to have enough space too, so keeping any other fish with it could make it uncomfortable.

So, Arowana and Flowerhorn Cichlids are not compatible and shouldn’t be kept together unless the tank is divided with a tank divider and each stays on it’s section.

Mind you, a tank that could contain a giant fish like Arowana has to be huge both in length and width and trust me, it can cost a fortune.

Because of their sizes, many people goes for pond instead of the usual tanks.

Which Fish Can Stay With Arowana?

If you are looking for fish to keep with Arowana, just have in mind that keeping any fish with Arowana could be risky, this is to say that the safety of the fish is not 100% guaranteed, but keeping big fish with them could make those fish to stand a chance against them.

Here are some of the fish that could be kept with Arowana:

Large Catfish.

Jaguar Cichlid.

Large Plecos.


Silver Dollar fish.


Green Terror Cichlid, etc.

As I explained above, Arowana could tolerate some big and aggressive fish like the ones I mentioned above but the success rate is not guaranteed so keep watching them to see if the Arowana goes for them and again make sure that the tank is very large to contain both the Arowana and any other fish you might decide to keep with it.

Again I would advise to invest in a tank divider so that you could be able to separate both fish and prevent them from contacting, thereby preventing aggression and possible deaths.


Flowerhorn and Arowana could live together when they are still small but it is not advisable to continue keeping them together when they grow.