Why Is My Lionfish Dying? (why did my lionfish die)

Why is my lionfish dying?

Lionfish is a hardy saltwater fish, and that is why it is considered beginner-friendly fish.

There are many species of this fish but all are hardy and don’t die easily, unlike many other fish.

Despite being hardy, they are not immortal, so they could die too due to certain factors.

I have read many complaints by hobbyists about their lionfish dying and it is surprising how strong fish like Lionfish could be dying in large numbers.

If you have this type of fish in large numbers and they are dying one after the other, that means you want to understand why Lionfish could die, then this article will help you.

Why Did My Lionfish Die?

Lionfish could die as a result of Diseases, Cannibalism, and old age.

As a fish lover, you will agree with me that it could be very painful and heartbreaking to lose your fish or any other aquatic animal you have.

There are many reasons why lionfish could die and they are:

1. Poor Quality Diets/ Toxic Foods: You might say that food is food, but all foods are not the same.

We all know that Lionfish is a predator because it is a carnivore fish.

Well, all species of this fish are carnivores and they are greedy eaters, so they could eat almost any smaller animal that could fit into their mouths.

Being able to eat any small animal, many hobbyists feed them almost anything they see without knowing that some foods are toxic to their health and could lead to their death.

For instance, many feeds their Lionfish goldfish which is toxic because it has Thiaminas which destroys thiamine.

One of the many reasons why the lifespan of some Lionfish shortens is because they are being fed with Goldfish.

2. Cannibalism: Another reason why you could lose this fish is because of cannibalism.

As we all know, they are cannibals and will eat anything that could fit into their mouths, including their smaller ones.

What I meant to say is that lionfish will eat each other if they are not the same size. The bigger ones will eat the smaller ones.

Again, if you keep them with other fish that are far bigger than them, they could be eaten or be killed

3. Wrong Water Parameters/Temperature: Every living thing has its ideal Temperature and its ideal environment and when they lack those things, they may be subjected to poor health which could lead to death.

The ideal water temperature for Lionfish is between 72 to 78°F because they are tropical fish, so they need a heater in their tanks.

Cold water temperature will affect their health negatively which could lead to death.

Their ideal water pH is 8.2 to 8.5.

4. The Presence of Toxins in the water: One of the greatest killers of Aquarium fish is toxins.

Toxins such as ammonia, nitrites, chlorine, copper, and many more will kill your fish, no matter how hard the fish may seem to be.

These dangerous chemicals breed in fish tanks as a result of dirt and water source.

For instance, decayed organisms such as poops, dead animals, etc will break some. of these toxins in your fish tank, that’s why it is recommended to be cleaning your Aquarium and changing the water from time to time and also to invest in water testing kits.

As a hobbyist, Water testing kits, A Heater, and filters are very important. In fact, you can’t be a fish keeper without those tools.

5. Diseases: These fish could die as a result of contracting diseases and parasites.

Despite that they are hardy and could resist or withstand some parasites such as Ich and others, they are also prone to some diseases too.

Fatty liver disease is one of the diseases that kills them if it is not properly treated.

As a fish keeper, one of your jobs is to keep an eye on your fish just in case there is something funny going on with them so you will have to engage a veterinarian doctor for proper checkups and treatment.

7. Old age: Every living thing has an expiry date ( lifespan) and once they reached the end of their lifespan, they will die.

This could be why your Lionfish died.

The average lifespan of Lionfish is between 7 to 10 years, so check the age of your fish and know they are likely to die so that it won’t take you unawares.


These are the possible reasons why your Lionfish are dying or why it died, so keep your eyes open and be caring to them.


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