Can Flowerhorn Live With Cichlids?

Can Flowerhorn live with Cichlids?

Flowerhorn Cichlids popularly known as Flowerhorns are very aggressive fish in the Cichlid family and they are highly territorial.

Being a Cichlid, people often wonder if they could live with African Cichlids and other Cichlids.

In this article, you will learn if they could be able to tolerate other fish in the Cichlid family or not and I highly recommend that you read this article to the end.

We all know that all Cichlids are aggressive and territorial, but some are less aggressive than the others, but being in the same family, can they tolerate each other? at least to some extent? well, you will find out in a while.

Can Flowerhorn Live With African Cichlids?

Both Flowerhorns and African Cichlids are very aggressive and territorial, but African Cichlids are the most intolerant despite being smaller than Flowerhorns in size. The question is, can they be kept together?

African Cichlids could be kept with Flowerhorns, but it is not recommendable because they may be killed by Flowerhorns.

Despite that they are more aggressive than Flowerhorn Cichlids, Flowerhorns are bigger than them and could easily kill them.

The only advantages and chances African Cichlids have is that they are way faster and could out maneuver Flowerhorns anytime and any day.

Their fastness and high-alert nature give them the chance of survival against Flowerhorns and that is why many experienced fish keepers could be able to easily keep both fish together successfully.

So, African Cichlids could live with Flowerhorns but it is not recommendable, especially for less experienced fish keepers because it may be an impending disaster for you.

If you don’t have much experience, I will recommend buying a tank divider and use it to barricade them from contacting each other.

Can Flowerhorn Live With Jaguar Cichlid?

Jaguar Cichlid is also an aggressive fish in the Cichlid family and they could grow very big too. Can they be kept with Flowerhorn Cichlids?

Jaguar Cichlids are a perfect match to Flowerhorn Cichlids when it comes to compatibility in living together.

If you are looking for a fish in the Cichlid family to keep with the Flowerhorns, then Jaguar Cichlid is recommendable.

This is because they are much like Flowerhorns and they have many things in common such as their sizes which could go between 12 – 16 inches and above, and they have almost the same ideal water parameters and temperature, meaning that they could live in the same type of water.

Being almost the same size and highly aggressive, both lack the capability to bully or harm the other and they normally ignore or stay out of each other’s way once they are fully settled in the tank.

Despite that they could tolerate each other, at least to some extent, it is recommendable to keep the same size of fish so that one will not intimidate the other.

Can Peacock Cichlid Live With Flowerhorn?

Flowerhorn Cichlids and Peacock Cichlids are not compatible to live together.

Flowerhorns are bigger and more aggressive than Peacock Cichlids and will kill them if they are kept together.

Although Peacock Cichlids are aggressive just like every other Cichlid, but they are somewhat less territorial and aggressive and they are a bit tolerant.

They can comfortably live and survive in the same water parameters and water conditions which Flowerhorns could survive in, but the only difference is their size, which is why Flowerhorns could be able to kill them if kept together.

They could average only 5 inches or a little bit more, while Flowerhorns could grow above 16 inches in size making them Giants compared to peacocks and cichlids.

The sad truth is that they can’t live together or the Peacocks will have to die unless you invest in a tank Divider and keep each on its territory.

Can Flowerhorn Live With Green Terror Fish?

Green Terror fish or Green Terror Cichlid is also in the Cichlid family and they are aggressive too, can they live with Flowerhorn Cichlids?

Green Terror Fish could be kept with Flowerhorns but it is not recommendable because Flowerhorns will outgrow and bully them.

If you are talking about the most aggressive species of Cichlid, Green Terror Cichlid is among them, but they are smaller in size compared to Flowerhorns as they can only attain 12 inches in size while Flowerhorns could grow up to 16 inches in size.

Despite being very aggressive and could stand up to themselves, Flowerhorns have more advantage over them because of their sizes.

If you want to keep both fish together, you have only two options which are: either investing in a tank divider which I recommend or keeping them together only when they are small and relocating them once the Flowerhorn is outgrowing the Green Terror Cichlid.


Flowerhorns are lone fish and they are better off being alone, but they can still be kept with only a few fish in their family ( Cichlids) so make the right choice to avoid regrets and pains of losing your fish.