Can Flowerhorn Live With Parrotfish?

Can Flowerhorn live with Parrotfish?

One of the questions people often ask about Parrotfish and Flowerhorn is if they Can live together.

Parrotfish and Flowerhorn are two big fish that belongs to the Cichlid family. They are colorful and nice fish to keep in the home and office aquarium but they are aggressive just like other cichlids.

Can Parrotfish live with Flowerhorn Cichlid?

Because of how colorful and active they are in the tank and also for the fact that they are Cichlids, many people think that they could be kept together, well if you are one of such people, then this article is for you.

Flowerhorn can live with Parrotfish and breed on a rare occasion but it is not advisable because Flowerhorn Cichlids are lone fish that barely tolerate any other fish.

To answer your question, yes, they can be kept together, but it is very risky because they are very likely to turn your tank into a battleground.

Both fish are territorial, big and aggressive, except that Flowerhorn is more aggressive than Parrotfish, so they are very rare to be seen together.

The only sure way to keep them in the same tank is to have a big tank and then Buy a tank divider, divide the tank and keep each of them on their own part, thereby barricading them from each other.

Again the only people I have seen have at least some success keeping these two fish together are those with very big or large tanks.

Although getting them a very large tank doesn’t in any way guarantee that they will cohabitate Peacefully, no they will still fight but the difference is that the aggression will be very minimal as each of them will mind its territory.

So, the only way to keep them together is to get a very large tank with a good number of hiding places and live plants, and introduce the Parrotfish first and later the Flowerhorn. This strategy works but it is not 100% guaranteed to work, so don’t keep them together unless you are very knowledgeable about fish keeping.


These two fish could stress each other to death, especially the Flowerhorn, so it is not advisable to have them in the same tank unless you divide the tank or unless you are an expert in fish keeping.