Can Flowerhorn Live With Oscars?

Can Flowerhorn Live With Oscars?

Fish keeping has to do with mastering fish and knowing what to do at the right time and which tank mates to keep them with, etc. Have you ever thought of keeping Flowerhorn fish and Oscar fish together? If you have you must be wondering if they can be kept together or if they are compatible with each other. Both fish are very aggressive, territorial, and intolerant of many other fish. If you are wondering whether they could be made to live together, then this article is for you.

Can Flowerhorn live with Oscars? No, Flowerhorn and Oscars are very aggressive and territorial fish and are not fit to be kept together. They will tolerate each other when they are still small, but Flowerhorn will kill Oscar fish when they mature.

Flowerhorn fish is a nice and colorful fish to keep in the home or office aquarium and they are very active too.

They are called Flowerhorn because of the resemblance of the shape of their heads to flowers.

Can Flowerhorn Live With Oscars?

This fish belongs to the family of Cichlids and every fish in the Cichlid family is considered to be very aggressive and territorial too and could live all alone in a tank even without their kind.

Oscar fish on the other hand is very aggressive and territorial too.

Despite being aggressive and territorial, they could easily be bullied and stressed to death by the more aggressive Flowerhorn Cichlids.

Despite that these two fish are freshwater fish and could live comfortably in the same water temperature and water parameters, they can’t live together just because of their temperaments.

As I always say, it is not recommendable to keep two aggressive and territorial fish together or they will fight and stress themselves to death and these two fish is a good example of such.

If you are thinking of getting a very large tank for them, well it won’t work because once they grow, they will like to be expanding their territories and trespassing on each other’s territories which will definitely lead to fights.

If you want to have both fish in the same tank, you must do it when they are small and keep them in separate tanks or simply buy a tank divider or separator and barricade them from each other.

Can Oscar Breed With Flowerhorn

No, Oscar and Flowerhorn are very aggressive and don’t tolerate each other. Oscars can only breed with other Astronotus species and not with Flowerhorns.

Flowerhorns and Oscars are not the same fish and neither are they in the same family or species, so they won’t mate and can’t breed, instead, they see each other as rivals and as enemies.

So, if you are thinking that both fish could somehow mate and reproduce, well am sorry because it won’t happen.

What Can Flowerhorns Live With?

Oscars are not suitable to be kept with Flowerhorns, if you are interested in knowing other fish that could live with them, the. here they are:

Silver Arowana

Big Cichlids

Big Bichir


Spotted Hoplo Catfish, etc.


Oscars and Flowerhorns don’t get along very well, although some people might tell you that they can get along, but don’t listen to them because they might get along when they are small, but once they have matured, the Flowerhorn will kill the Oscar.