Can Gouramis and Shrimps live Together? (Will Gouramis eat Shrimps?)

Can Gouramis live with Shrimps?

As we all know, there are many species of Shrimp and Gouramis too. Gouramis are made up of nice species of fish with many colors. Shrimps too has some species too. Shrimps belongs to the family of crustacean, while the Gouramis belong to the family of Betta fish, but the question is can they live together? and will the Gouramis eat the shrimps if kept together with them? You will learn everything about them living together in this article.

Can Gouramis and Shrimps live together? No, the Gouramis are very likely to eat any shrimp they can see.

It’s too obvious that no specie of shrimp can successfully live with Gouramis without any atom of problem.

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Generally, shrimps water parameters are:

Temperature -65-76°F.

pH 6.0-7.5.

General hardiness 4-6dGH.

water type brackish and freshwater.

Gouramis General water parameters:

Tank Level: Top, mid-dweller
Temperature: 77 F to 82 F (25 C to 28 C)
PH: 5.5 to 7.5
Hardness: 2 to 30 dH

If you check their general water parameters, it differs alot, so even if they could live together, then the water might not suit the two animals at the same time, so this becomes a problem.

Can you keep a Gourami with Cherry Shrimp?

Cherry Shrimp is one of the species of Shrimp.

Just like every other species of shrimp, Cherry Shrimp is a bottom dweller.

Can you keep a Gourami with Cherry Shrimp? No, cherry Shrimp will be eaten by a Gourami, unless there are alot of hiding places in the tank.

Generally, Shrimps are the weakest of all crustaceans and could be easily eaten by other aquatic animals, so keeping cherry Shrimps with Gourami without providing alot of hiding places will only turn the cherry Shrimps into food for the fish.

Can Honey Gouramis be kept with Shrimps?

Honey Gouramis are one of the least aggressive of all Gourami species. So can they be kept with shrimps?
Yes, amano shrimps can live peacefully with honey gouramis because honey gourami is a peaceful specie of the Gourami fish.

If you love both shrimps and Gouramis and are looking forward to keeping both in the same tank, then amano specie of shrimp and honey Gourami specie of Gourami is the best mates to keep.

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Although they might not have total coexistence, but they can manage to live together without much aggression, especially if the shrimp is more in number than the fish.

So Gouramis can kill and eat amano shrimps, but honey gourami can manage to live with amano shrimps if the environment is right for the shrimp.

Do Honey Gouramis Eat Shrimp?

Despite being one of the least aggressive of all the Gouramis, they can still eat shrimps if they get the chance to.

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Both female and male Honey Gourami can eat shrimps, especially when the shrimp is at it’s weakest moment (Molt).

Do Gouramis Eat Ghost Shrimps?

Ghost shrimp is one of the species of Shrimp. They’re freshwater shrimp and are referred to as ghost mainly because of their appearance. So can they be eaten by Gouramis?

Yes, Gouramis will eat any specie of shrimp they can get hold of, including ghost Shrimps.

Try putting ghost Shrimps in Gouramis tank and have them turn to meat in a matter of few hours, unless the shrimps hide, so don’t try it, unless you want to feed the Gouramis with your ghost Shrimps.

Do Pearl Gouramis Eat Shrimp?

Pearl Gouramis are one of the most aggressive species of Gouramis. They can eat all sorts of things because they are omnivores.

So can they eat Shrimps? Yes, Pearl Gouramis are both fast and aggressive and will eat any shrimp they can get hold of.

So therefore, putting any specie of shrimp in a tank with Pearl Gourami is like forgetting about the shrimp forever.

Will Dwarf Gourami Eat Shrimp?

Another of the most aggressive specie of Gouramis are the dwarf Gourami. Although they’re small, as their name suggests, but they’re aggressive or should I say semi aggressive and omnivores too.

Will dwarf Gourami eat Shrimp? Yes, Dwarf gourami will eat shrimp if they get the chance because they are omnivores.

Despite being barely 2.5 inches, they can take down any specie of shrimp single handedly, especially when the shrimp is Molting.

So keeping Shrimps with dwarf Gourami is like saying a farewell to the shrimp.

Do Gouramis Eat Shrimp?

In the conclusion, all species of Gouramis will eat shrimp if they get the chance to.

So avoid getting shrimps, no matter the specie into Gourami’s tank.

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Some people do suggest keeping many hiding places in the tank, well if it works for them, better, but I can’t advise such.

Come to think of it, how long will the shrimps be on hideout and on the run? will they even come out to eat comfortably?

So no matter how you see it, shrimps and Gouramis are not good tank mates because Gouramis do eat Shrimps.


I don’t suggest keeping shrimps and Gouramis in anyway, but if there is any method that works for you, then I won’t discourage you too.

Take your own advice.