Can Pearl Gouramis live with Honey Gouramis? (Do Gouramis get along with each other?)

Can Pearl Gouramis live with Honey Gouramis

Gouramis are fine fish with many species. Some species are gentle and non aggressive in anyway, while some are semi aggressive, more especially on the male side.

There are alot of questions on social media about and forums etc About getting some species of Gourami to stay together in one tank.

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Well, no specie of Gourami is known to be fully aggressive, so who knows, some species might be able to stay together or get along with each other.

But don’t worry, I will explain if any specie of this fish could be able to get along with others peacefully.

Can Pearl Gouramis live with Honey Gouramis

Can Pearl Gouramis Live with Honey Gouramis?

Male Pearl Gournamis are considered to be semi aggressive, especially on themselves, but they could get along very well if there are more females in their midst.

A pearl gournami can grow to a size of 3-4 inches, especially the male.

Tank Level: Top, mid-dweller
Temperature: 77 F to 82 F (25 C to 28 C)
PH: 5.5 to 7.5
Hardness: 2 to 30 dH

Also they’re very fast and can nip at anything they could see move.

Honey Gouramis are colourful fish that lives in a tank temperature of 70-82°F.

They need a slightly acidic hard water with a pH of 7.0-8.0.

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They are freshwater fish and also they’re very easy to take care of.

Their ideal tank should be 10g per fish.

Can Pearl Gourami Get Along with Honey Gourami?

Judging from the natural characters of the two and their ideal habitats, do you think they can get along?.

No, Pearl gourami don’t get along with honey gourami because they are semi aggressive and will try to harm the honey gouramis by nipping at their fins and tails which could be harmful to honey gouramis.

One thing is buying and keeping aquarium creatures like fish, another thing is getting them suitable tank mates.

The later is very hard, unless you did a good research.

Naturally, Pearl gournamis are social fish, especially the female ones.

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The female are shy and are always hiding if there is no other specie of her kind in the tank, on the other hand, the male are lively, but aggressive to each other.

They get along very well with each other when there are more number of females in their tank.

For instance, in a group of 2 females and 1 male with a tank of not less than 55gallon.

So keeping Pearl and honey Gouramis in a tank will only lead to the pearls using their speed advantage to harass the honeys, which could lead to injuries or stress.

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So Pearl and honey Gouramis could hardly get along.

Can Honey Gouramis Get Along With Other Gouramis?

Sometimes I normally say ‘ the best tank mate for any creature is an animal of the same specie.

This is because you can hardly see any mate that is 100% suitable.

So here are some Gouramis that could get along with honey gourami.

Honey gourami (Trichogaster chuna).

Thick-lipped gourami (Trichigaster labiosa).

banded gourami.

They can also get along with some peaceful and small animals like



Small plecos.




Can Pearl Gournami Get Along With Other Gouramis?

Male Pearl gournami being semi aggressive can only get along with few fishes of it’s kind because they nip alot.

They can live together with:

Dwarf Gourami (slightly).

Other fish includes:

Neon Tetras.

Cory Catfish.

Kuhli Loaches.


Cherry Barbs.

Can Dwarf Gourami and Honey Gourami Live Together?

Dwarf Gourami, as the name signifies is a small specie of Gourami.

The male could grow up to 3 inches and the female could grow up to 2.5.

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They need a water parameters of pH: 6.0-7.5.
Temperature: 75-82°F.A

Alkalinity: 4°-10° dGH.

Although they are small, but just like the Pearl gournami, they’re aggressive too.

So can they really get along with honey gouramis?

Yes they can, but they will need a big tank to be able to coexist peacefully and stay out of each other’s way.

Getting a 75 gallon + tank is an ideal for having at least 2-3 honey gouramis and also the same number of dwarf Gouramis together because they need enough space to avert problems.

Although they can get along with adequate care, but do I recommend keeping them together?, The answer is no, unless the tank is divided,

if not, there may be tiny troubles.

Although dwarf gourami is small in size, but if you want to keep it together with other dwarf gouramis.

They are also social creatures and love to live in groups just like pea Gouramis.

Keeping up to 4 dwarf Gouramis with mainly female is very normal.

Here is the possible tank size with the fish numbers.

4 fish-15 gallin tank.

3 fish-10 gallon tank.

5 fish-20 gallon tank.

7 fish-30 gallon tank.

6 fish-25 gallon tank.

Can Powder Blue Gourami Get Along with Honey Gourami?

These two species of gouramis are not aggressive, especially their female ones.

So the question is, can the two species get along and Peacefully?

Yes, powder blue gourami can easily get along with honey gourami, especially their females.

From every indications, these two species are not semi nor fully aggressive, especially their female ones, but the males might antagonize each other which is normal.

So Powder Blue Gourami and Honey Gourami can get along, but they will need at least 75 gallon tank, depending on the number of fish you want to have.

Can Pearl Gourami and Gold Gourami Live Together?

As I have explained above, Pearl Gourami are mainly aggressive, especially among their male folks.

So can they really get along with Gold Gourami?

No, they are very likely to harass each other if they are kept together.

Pearl gournami being fast and love nipping at other fish fins and tails is not suitable to be kept with Gold Gourami, or there will be problems.

Even if you want to have them in the same tank, then you will have to divide the tank and separate them, or the pearls will bully the gold fish by snatching their foods etc because they are faster.

Can Dwarf Gourami and Three Spit Gourami Live Together?

Yes, they can be able to coexist together and peacefully if they have enough space to stay out of each other’s way.


As I always advise, keeping an animal with its own species is the best mate they can have.
There is no guarantee that other species would get along very Peacefully with your pet, so there might be a slight confrontations which might be very temporary.