Can I Add Fish After A Water Change? Let’s Find Out

Can I Add Fish After A Water Change

You may often get confused. when it comes to refilling the fish tank after cleaning it. Because your fish can die if you don’t follow the instructions exactly. And you don’t want to put yourself in such danger, right? 

However, you shouldn’t be afraid. This is a common query among fish keepers.

So, can I add fish after a water change is the first query, right? 

No. After changing your tank water, you shouldn’t put fish in fresh water immediately. Wait for 24 hours. Allow the water to reach the proper temperature. It’ll grow good bacteria. Those bacteria will stabilize the water parameters in the tank. For any impurities, check the freshly added tap water.

Now, you understand why you cannot add fish after changing the water. There’re still certain things you need to be cautious of before putting fish in the tank.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Can I Add Fish After A Water Change

How Long Do Fish Stay In Bag Before Putting In Tank?

After cleaning and changing the tank water. New fish keepers are always eager to add fish. However, you should know that this isn’t the right time for it. After completely cleaning and changing the water of the fish tank. There is a 24-hour rule to follow. 

Regarding how long you should wait, fishkeepers have different thoughts. There have some processes to get ready the tank water within this time. 

Freshly added water in a tank needs to stabilize. In the water, gases are dissolved. Moreover, local water treatment facilities have been infused with minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals.

Water conditioner treatment is necessary to remove hazardous components from aquarium water. Because of this, it takes 24 hours for the pH to normalize. And the dissolved gases to evacuate. 

Within 24 hours, the good bacteria help the pH of the water return to normal. Have you ever wondered why are healthy bacteria important for fish? Healthy bacteria bring many benefits to aquarium fishes. It includes removing ammonia buildup and recycling waste. 

All other water quality parameters will be fine in the meantime. And after that, fish can be added to the tank water. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Water Change?

You should know why and how you can dispose of aquarium water. If you don’t then let us assist you in getting out of it. 

Removing waste from your fish’s aquarium is the main goal of changing the water. And refilling it with fresh, clean water. The waste might be formed by dead fish or even rotting plants and uneaten food. 

Basically in the tank, fish is the main source of waste. Ammonia from waste is dangerous at smaller concentrations. Ammonia is converted first into nitrite and later into nitrate.

Nitrate levels below a certain limit are less dangerous. But if you allow them to accumulate, they will turn toxic and stress your fish. That is why you are changing the water, then.

To make cleaning easier, include some living plants or put some clay pots in your aquarium. It enhances the looks of your aquarium and gives your fish cover as well. Nitrate cleanup will make the water healthy for your fish to live in.


What To Do With Fish During Water Change?

Keep the fish within your tank while you start the cleaning process. When you do this, the fish won’t become stressed. 

Otherwise, suddenly removing the fish from the aquarium can cause stress-related conditions. Your fish life is also more likely to suffer from anxiety, shock, and injury.

While cleaning the entire tank, place your pet fish in a separate bowl. To catch the fish from the aquarium, use a small fish net, a bag, or a cup. 

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Instead of adding fresh, clean tap water to the dish, pour water from the tank. While catching your fish, be careful. Then place the bowl in a comfortable place. 

Can You Feed Fish After Water Change?

When the water is changed, your fish may become shocked, which sets them into defence mode. Some of their other body systems will temporarily stop due to their defensive stance. Digestion is one of those functions. 

Changing the water increases the risk of fish’s food digestion. Internal issues could arise from food that remains in the gut. 

Consequently, it is essential that you should feed your fish two hours before changing the water. And at least 1 hour later following a water change. 

Pro Tips To Keep your Fish Safe

Some expert advice that you need to follow. In terms of lowering the chance that you’ll lose your loving tiny pet. Here are some tips that will definitely help you in the future,

  • Try to avoid common mistakes like overfeeding, overstocking the tank, etc. 
  • Pour additives and conditioners as directed on the package.
  • Maintain regular water changes. Decide how long the tank will stay clean and schedule water changes accordingly.
  • Never make massive water changes at random.
  • You should always add de-chlorinator to fresh water.  Or wait a day before putting it in the tank.
  • During the regular 20–50% water changes, keep fish in the tank. If you are doing large water changes, fish can place into another tank.

Things are simple to do but crucial to consider. The risk of dead fish and disturbance of the tank’s ecosystem will be minimized. 


How Long Do Fish Stay In Bag Before Putting In Tank?

The suggested maximum amount of time to leave a fish in its bag is 20 minutes. Place the bag inside the aquarium to transfer the fish there. For about 15–30 minutes, let it float unopened. Your fish will have adequate time to acclimate to the tank’s water temperature. Open the bag after it has set.

How Long Does A Fish Stay In Shock?

Though some fish will adapt to an immediate adjustment, others won’t. The pH should be changed gradually over several days. Most fish should be alright with a rate of adjustment of 0.5 pH changes between 48 to 72 hours. Go at your own pace. The change will be safer the slower it is. 

How Long Does New Tank Syndrome Last?

This procedure usually takes 2 to 6 weeks. It takes some time until there are enough bacteria in the filter. So, It can convert nitrite to nitrate. It allows this process to begin. Thus, new tank syndrome is gone and there is a decrease in nitrite levels. The nitrogen cycle can now begin as usual.

Can I Add Fish During Bacterial Bloom?

Yes, you can add fish during bacterial bloom. As long as the levels of ammonia and nitrite are at zero. Throughout this time, you can keep adding fish to the aquarium. Usually, 2 to 4 days after adding fish to the tank, bacteria will begin to bloom. The cloudiness will naturally disappear.

Wrap Up

Now you know the answer to your question, “can I add fish after a water change?” Hopefully, you get the all ideas for keeping safe your fish from further injuries. 

Just follow all the instructions. And it will lead you from beginner to pro. And all from us for today.

Have a great day!