Can You Put Clay Pots In A Fish Tank? Answered!

As a fish owner, lots of questions must peak through your mind all the time. What is safe for your fish, how can you decorate your tank, and all that? It’s common to all aquarium owners. 

So, you want to put some pots in your fish tank? can you put clay pots in a fish tank though? 

Yes, you can. But not any random ones. The clay must be burnt or oven-baked. Otherwise, your fish will get seriously harmed. You have to clean the pots in a proper way before putting them into the tank. You can use clay pots in your tank for different purposes from decoration to fish home. 

Have we caught your interest with this little information? Hope we did. Because we have prepared a detailed discussion on clay pots in your fish tank.  Keep reading!

Can You Put Clay Pots In A Fish Tank

Can You Put Clay Pots In A Fish Tank?

You must have seen, that a lot of fish owners keep earthen pots in their tanks. It looks delightful to see. 

But you know what? Don’t rush into your garden and pick any random pots for your fish tank.

For the safety of your fish, You have to choose the right pots. And you have to prepare them for putting into the tank. 

before putting a clay pot into your tank consider some factors.

Don’t Just Use Any Random Clay Pots

Most pots which aren’t hardened by heat can be dangerous for your fish. These pots are shaped while they are still wet. And then they get hardened by drying just in the air. 

When these pots are in the water for a long time absorb water. And slowly they keep fading or melting. The toxic chemical is spread into the water and gets exposed to the fish. 

Polymer clays are also harmful for the same reason even if they are baked for hardening. 

Use The Terracotta Pots

The best pots for your fish tank are the terracotta ones. They are hardened by heat. And they are porous. So, the water can smoothly pass through these. They don’t get fade or degenerate in water. 

So, using terracotta pots in aquariums is safe. But we will recommend you to use old or used terracotta pots. Manufacturers use lime while producing terracotta pots. It can mix into the water and contaminate it. 

So, if you buy terracotta pots, use them in your garden for a while. Then use it in the fish tank. You can check out beautiful terracotta pots from here. 

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Don’t Use Painted Pots

Terracotta pots are safe for the fish tank. But those which are colored, not much.

These inexpensive pots are colored with very low-quality and toxic materials.

When the pots are soaked in the water, the paint starts to spread. 

And the toxic paints and glazes are really harmful to your fish. 

Clean The Pot First

Don’t use a pot directly taken from the garden. Slow down. Clean the pot properly.

If there is any glue or adhesive, remove them. Use sandpapers to scrap them off if needed. 

Garden pots have fertilizers and pesticides on them. So if you don’t clean it properly, your fish will suffer. 

Do Something About The Pot Bottom

Pot bottoms can be problematic for your fish. There are small holes for drainage in the pot bottom, as you know. If you put the pots as it is in the tank, there is a risk.

Fishes like to roam around every corner possible. A common problem is that these fishes are often stuck in these holes while crossing them. Your fishes can even die here if you don’t notice. 

So, what you can do is take the whole bottom off. Or you can also just close off the pothole with some rocks and glue. But make sure those glues are safe for your fish.

Flex seal can be a good option for that. So, keeping these things in mind, you can use a clay pot in your fish tank. 

How Can You Use Clay Pots In The Aquarium?

Many people think clay pots are kept in the fish tank just for decorative purposes.

But it actually has other functions too. You have to adjust the pots according to your goal with the pots. 

Let’s see what you can do with a clay pot in a fish tank. 

For Keeping Plants

You may love to keep plants in your fish tank. It not only looks good but also improves the water quality. Plants produce the necessary nutrients for your fish. 

But when you put plants directly on the aquarium surface, it’s difficult to move them around. Keeping those plants in the pots will make it easy for you to maintain the plants. 


As A Breeding Place

Some fishes like to breed in a little privacy. Fishes like, cichlids and clownfish like to lay their eggs in a breeding cave. So, a clay pot can be perfect for that. 

You have to remove cichlids fries from their parents after a certain time. So, if you use clay pots for their breeding, keep an eye on them. 

Little Home For Your Fish

Some fish are really shy and like to hide when getting a chance. You can make them some hiding place with clay pots. It will look so cute when your little fishes hide there. 

You can horizontally place the pots with some soil in the bottom. Or you can break the bottom and make a tunnel for the fish. You can keep the pot as it is and it will still make a good hiding place.  

As Food Holder

Clay pots are an excellent choice for making a food holder. Some fishes are just messy eaters. In small food holders, there is a chance of spreading the food all over the tank. 

For Aesthetic Purpose

We all know how good it looks to have some earthy pots in the fish tank. You can keep the pots as it is. Making a tunnel with the breaking of the bottom also looks good. 

Or you can break the pots into small pieces and spread them all over the tank. Just make use to smoothen out the sharp corners.

You can also decorate your fish tank in other unique ways. Just remember they are safe for your fish. 

And yeah, these are the purposes you can use a clay pot for. 


What Should You Not Put In A Fish Tank?

You should never put plastics in a fish tank. Plastic starts to secrete toxic chemicals when it is for a long time in the water.

Ceramics that aren’t dinnerware safe, should not go to your fish tank. Also, don’t put beach sands, woods, corals, sea shells, or sharp things in your fish tank. 

Is Clay Good For Aquatic Plants?

Clay is really good for aquatic plants. It contains some essential nutrients for plants. If you want to choose soil for your water plants, choose clay soils. But remember not to use clay that contains a lot of compost or peat. Because of their lighter weight, they tend to float. 

Can You Put Any Plant In A Fish Tank?

No, you can’t. Plants that can’t live in submerged water cannot be put in a fish tank. Spider plants,  Pothos. Vining philodendrons are good for aquariums. Money plants, Java moss, Java fern, and Amazon swords are also good choices. You shouldn’t plant species of Dracaena, Crimson Ivy, etc. 


So, can you put clay pots in a fish tank? We have given our recommendations. We hope it was helpful for you. 

You can make your fish tank look more pretty with clay pots. Just follow the simple rules so your fish doesn’t get harmed.

So, start decorating your fish tank. And that’s all from us. Have a good day!