Can Lionfish Eat Goldfish? (Why they shouldn’t be fed with Goldfish)

can lionfish eat goldfish? Why they shouldn't be fed with Goldfish

Lionfish are nice and hardy marine fish. There are many species of these fish and they are all carnivores because they eat other aquatic animals.

They could get really big and are also scavengers because they could eat any smaller animal that could fit into their mouths. This is why it is not advisable to keep them with smaller fish.

They are normally fed with a lot of aquatic animals, including fish, but can they eat Goldfish?

Goldfish is freshwater fish that is gold in color, that’s how the fish got its name ( Goldfish)

If you are wondering whether Lionfish could eat goldfish, then read this article to the end as you will learn all about it and many more.

Can Lionfish Eat Goldfish?

Lionfish could eat Goldfish but it is not recommendable. Raw Goldfish has Thiaminas. Thiamine is an enzyme that causes a breakdown of Thiamin. Feeding raw Goldfish to Lionfish could result in Thiamin deficiency which could lead to problems with the nervous system, clamped fins, and loss of appetite.

They could eat Goldfish very well and many people are ignorantly feeding them this fish.

Well, fish are ignorant on their own too, I mean they take whatever they could see and whatever that could fit into their mouth without minding anything.

Despite that they could eat goldfish, it is not healthy for them and this could be one of the reasons why many people complain that their Lionfish are not eating.

It is true that Lionfish could eat whatever they could see because they are scavengers and carnivores, but you shouldn’t feed them with toxic foods such as Goldfish or you risk losing them.

They could eat goldfish but don’t feed them with it.

I know many shopkeepers will tell you a lot of things nowadays, but don’t listen to them on this if you want your Lionfish to last long.

What Do Lionfish Eat?

Being Carnivores of fish, they could eat different types of smaller animals such as fish, crustaceans, Snails, and many other aquatic animals.

Lionfish could be fed with Betta fish, Guppy fish, Tetras, Copepods, Mysis shrimps, Brine shrimps, Worms, Crayfish, Crabs, Snails, Grasshoppers, Insects and many more.

In fact, the right answer to this question is that they could eat any animal that is smaller than them and could easily fit into their mouth.

Despite that, they could eat any small animal, be it fish, crustaceans, etc don’t feed them anything you see.

First, make research on what you want to feed them and find out if the meal or animal is toxic.

If the food doesn’t have any atom of toxins or poison, then go ahead.

How Big Of A Fish Can Lionfish Eat?

As I explained, Lionfish will eat any animal that could fit into their mouth.

They will eat any fish that they are far bigger than. This is why it is very important to always keep fish that are of the same size as them or bigger than them.


Lionfish could eat any fish they are bigger than, including goldfish, but don’t feed yourself with goldfish because there are consequences.


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