How Long Can Lionfish Go Without Eating?

How long can Lionfish go without eating?

Lionfish are very entertaining and nice saltwater aquarium fish, they are carnivores and could be very aggressive.

Sometimes they could be stubborn and will refuse to eat due to some reason.

As we all know, no living thing will continue living for long without eating, not even fish of any type could.

Many Aquarists do complain or have complained at one time that their Lionfish stopped eating for some time.

I know how it feels if your fish stopped eating, you did be restless and you will be wondering how long it will last without food.

If you are reading this article, it means you are wondering how long Lionfish could survive without food. This article will answer your question and many more about these fish.

How Long Can Lionfish Go Without Eating?

Lionfish could stay up to 3 months without eating and only lose up to 10% of their body mass. Lionfish’s metabolism could stop when food is scarce, thereby enabling them to survive for a very long time.

According to research, these fish have a special ability to make their body system adapt to a condition of scarcity of food.

Generally, fish could stay for a very long time without food and still survive, unlike many other aquatic animals.

There are some factors that help in determining how long a Lionfish and fish, in general, could stay without food, they are

The health of the fish.

Age of the fish.

We can’t talk about how long a Lionfish could stay without eating without talking about these two factors because they go a long way to determine how long they could stay.

When I say 3 months, am talking about healthy and matured Lionfish.

The truth is that how healthy and well-fed a fish is will help to determine how the body could be able to cope without food in times of food scarcity.

Also juvenile fish will break down before matured fish when there is no food for a long time.

So, in this article, am talking about mature, healthy, and well-fed Lionfish not juvenile or poorly fed fish.

How Long Can Dwarf Lionfish Go Without Food?

A healthy Dwarf Lionfish could go up to 2 to 3 months with food.

This is because the metabolism in their body is made to adapt to a condition of food scarcity.

As I explained above, how long they could go without food is strongly determined by their age, health, and how they were previously fed.

How Often Should You Feed A Lionfish?

A Lionfish should be fed once or twice a day.

The number of times you feed your Lionfish a day is determined by you.

I recommend feeding them once a day with enough food.

These fish are heavy feeders, they will eat without stopping the fact that there is enough food for them.

In fish keeping, overfeeding is not recommendable because it could cause many health problems for your fish or even kill them if precaution is not taken.

Apart from knowing the quantity of food to give them, also avoid giving them toxic foods like the flesh of goldfish.

How Many Fish Does A Lionfish Eat Per Day?

It has been observed that the stomach of Lionfish could expand 30 times its normal size when they eat. Lionfish could eat up to 30 small fish in an hour.

These fish are carnivores because they feed on other fish and other aquatic animals.

They are scavengers just like other fish and will eat a lot until there is no more to eat.

Being able to eat up to 30 small fish in an hour makes them amazing.

They could eat a lot doesn’t mean you should kill them with food, overfeeding is not good for fish of any type.


Lionfish can last more than 2 months without food.

I don’t in any way recommend starving your fish for any reason. This is only for educational purposes.


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