Can Lionfish Live With Clownfish? (How To Keep Them Together)

can lionfish live with Clownfish? how to keep them together

As a fish keeper, you must have wondered or been wondering if Clownfish could live with Lionfish.

Both Clownfish and Lionfish are saltwater fish and could comfortably live in a similar environment and be okay, but the question is, can they tolerate each other? you will find out in this article and many more about these fish.

Lionfish Water Parameters /Temperament

Water type – Saltwater.

Temperament – Aggressive and Territorial.

Size – 18 inches.

Tank size – 120 gallons.

Ideal Water Temperature – Tropical.

Clownfish Water Parameters/ Temperament

Can clownfish live with Lionfish?

Water type – Saltwater.

Temperament – Aggressive and Territorial.

Size – 4-5 inches.

Tank size – 20 gallons.

Ideal Water Temperature – Tropical.

Can Lionfish Live With Clownfish?

Having known the ideal water parameters, Temperaments, and other things about these fish, you might be wondering if they could be kept together since they are both aggressive and territorial.

Can Lionfish and Clownfish live together? No, Lionfish will kill and eat clownfish if they are kept together.

Having read the details about both fish, you must have noticed that both are almost compatible because they could live in the same environment without problems.

The only thing that makes them unsuitable for each other is their Temperament.

Lionfish could grow up to 18 inches in size, making them far bigger than Clownfish which could only attain up to 5 inches in size.

Despite that all fish could eat whatever fits in their mouth, some fish are aggressive and will not eat smaller fish.

In the case of lionfish, they are big and very aggressive, territorial, and will eat whatever that could fit in their Mouths.

So, Lionfish will eat Clownfish if they are kept in the same tank with access to each other, no matter the size of the tank.

Lionfish will eat Clownfish but it might not happen immediately, it might take up to months or years before it decides whether to eat the clowns or not.

Again to make matters worst, Lionfish are nocturnal fish, meaning that they could see very clearly at night and perform most of their activities at night.

They normally take on clownfish at night when they are sleeping, because clownfish are not nocturnal fish.

There are other fish that are very compatible with Lionfish, so don’t think of keeping them. Not even a single Lionfish with clownfish no matter the number of the clownfish because it wouldn’t end well.

The only way to keep them together is to invest in an Aquarium divider so that they won’t have access to each other.

Will Dwarf Lionfish Eat Clownfish?

Having known that Lionfish are predators of many fish, including Clownfish, you might want to know if Dwarf Lionfish could also eat Clownfish.

Will Dwarf Lionfish eat Clownfish? Yes, All Lionfish are predators and Nocturnal, they will kill and eat Clownfish when they are asleep.

As the name connotes, they are dwarf and way smaller than other species of lionfish, but they are still predators and could kill many fish, including those they are not bigger than.

The only advantage they have against other fish is because they could see in the dark and they usually murder other fish at night.

So, Dwarf Lionfish will eat Clownfish if it gets the opportunity.

Though it might not happen immediately, but it will eventually happen.

Can Lionfish Be Kept With Other Fish?

Knowing that these fish are very aggressive and territorial, you may want to know if they could be kept with other fish.

Lionfish could be kept with other fish that are far bigger than them but it is not advisable.

There is much compatible fish that they could not kill, but the issue is that there will always be war and aggression in the tank.

Although sometimes they could coexist at least somewhat peacefully in the tank but I don’t guarantee that you could achieve 100 peace in your tank with these fish and other fish.

What Fish Can Be Kept With Lionfish?

As I explained above, there is no guarantee that your Lionfish could live 100 Peaceful with any other fish, but here are the fish that could live with them.

Foxface Rabbitfish.

Rock Beauty Angelfish.

Threadfin Butterflyfish.

Moray Eel.


Panther Grouper.

Blue Tank, etc.

What Fish Can Live With Dwarf Lionfish?


Moray Eel.

Large Rabbitfish.

Tigerfish, etc.


Clownfish and Lionfish are not compatible and shouldn’t be kept together or the clownfish will die in a matter of months.


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