Will Bird Wrasse Eat Cleaner Shrimp?

Will bird Wrasse eat Cleaner Shrimp?

Will Bird Wrasse fish eat Cleaner Shrimp? This is one of the most asked questions in forums and social media and I will answer the question and many more.

As a fish keeper, one of the joys you will get from it is keeping many compatible Aquarium animals and watching them exhibit their unending behaviors.

Although keeping many animals together in your aquarium is the best but the question is, can they be compatible?

Talking of compatibility, will Bird Wrasse and Cleaner Shrimp live together or will the fish eat the shrimp?

You will find out in this article and many more, so read it to the end.

UpWill Bird Wrasse Eat Cleaner Shrimp?

Wrasses are predators to crustaceans. Bird Wrasse will eat all crustaceans that could fit in its mouth, including Cleaner Shrimp.

The fact is, keeping any shrimp that is way too small with any fish is a complete waste because that shrimp will be a lump of good meat for the fish.

All fish are scavengers and will eat anything that could get into their mouth, so Cleaner Shrimp will be eaten by any specie of wrasse if they happen to be together.

Although I understand that Cleaner shrimp do help in keeping fish tanks clean by eating algae and leftover fish foods.

I would advise you to keep only larger Cleaner Shrimps with any type of fish, including bird Wrasse.

Although there is no guarantee that the big size of your Shrimp could stop the fish from eating the shrimp, it gives them a better chance against fish.

Do Yellow Wrasse Eat Cleaner ShrimpCopepod?

As a matter of fact, all Wrasse will eat any type of Shrimp.

Wrasses prey on crustaceans which include, Crayfish, Shrimp, Copepod, and Crab.


Bird Wrasse and every other Wrasse fish will eat any type of Shrimp they could get close to, so take precautions if you want to keep them together.


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