Can Pimafix Cure Ich? 5 Things You Should Know!

Can Pimafix Cure Ich

It is quite stressful that your fish are infected by parasites. This parasite can many issues. It is contagious and can spread from one fish to another. 

But it is important to cure it as early as possible. You need some medicines to cure your fish. Some people recommend pimafix to cure ich.

But, can pimafix cure ich?

No, pimafix doesn’t cure ich. It was never meant to cure ich. But it lessens the ich infections. Instead, you can use alternative solutions. Such as tetra ick guard, API liquid super ick care fish remedy, ick-x, and fungal treatment. Also, quarantine your infected fish to prevent spreading.

Now, we’re going to discuss the whole process in this article. Let’s jump to the details.

Can Pimafix Cure Ich?

Pimafix is frequently recommended as an ich therapy for fish. But it was never intended for this purpose. Pimafix is clearly labelled to state that it is not a primary ich treatment, despite the fact that it may help with some lesser ich infections.

Although a lot of individuals on social media frequently advise using a product like Pimafix to treat ich in your fish, this is because they don’t understand the treatment’s restrictions, which might, sadly, result in the fish’s ich getting worse.

Can Pimafix Cure Ich

Treatment For Ich

You might want a veterinarian to inspect your ill fish in order to make the best diagnosis for therapy. Keep in mind that there are other conditions that can appear on fish that might be very similar to white spot illness and call for a different course of action. 

Once a diagnosis has been made, your aquatic veterinarian and fish shop will be able to prescribe treatment alternatives.

Make sure you properly follow the medication’s directions and that you have calculated the volume of water in your aquarium. Both overdosing and underdosing have the potential to harm fish. Continue administering for 10–14 days, every other day. 

On the days between doses of your medications, perform partial water changes. Check your fish frequently to make sure the trophonts (white spots) don’t return after treatment.

It is crucial to monitor and maintain the water temperature. In order to guarantee that the parasite is entirely eradicated from your aquarium. And also it is hard to see the ich from water.

How To Prevent Ich?

Let’s look at what we can do to stop it from invading your fish tank. Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure.

Start It Early

Ich enters aquariums through the water as well as living plants, fish, and other objects that have been in an infected tank. By starting early, any ich parasites on the plants will perish because they won’t have enough time to locate a fish host. 

Buying just tissue culture plants is another excellent strategy for avoiding parasites on live plants. These plants are laboratory-grown and parasite-free.

Buy Your Fish Wisely

Examine every fish on exhibit at your neighbourhood fish market. Do any of them exhibit sickness or ich symptoms? By choosing healthier fish up front, you can avoid some difficulties in the future.

We sometimes buy things online. Shopping online is the easiest way to buy something. But while buying online it is not easy to check the products. The same goes for fish. You can’t inspect your ordered fish. Always make sure to buy your fish wisely.

However, some fish looks healthy but already have developed symptoms in them. It will be seen within a few days. For that reason, the next step is very important. 


Ich, or the sticky tomont stage of an aquarium disease, can spread from fish to plants and other items from contaminated aquariums. To prevent ich in your display tank, quarantine your fish for 4 weeks before releasing them into your main tank. 

Ich typically appears on new fish in cooler water after 1 to 3 weeks, so a month-long quarantine is a better option.

In water between 75°F and 83°F, ich tends to manifest itself considerably more quickly, therefore in tropical species, a week or so is generally enough to rule it out. However, other frequent aquarium illnesses exist, and some take longer to manifest than ich. 

Since Ich is difficult to detect when it is contained within the gills, a month-long quarantine is a better option.

Buy Safe Products For Your Aquarium

Keep any pebbles, gravel, driftwood, or other items from ponds or other natural water sources that were found in the wild out of your water system. Ich, as well as a variety of other parasites and unwelcome species, can live in these settings.

Water Quality

Fish in aquariums with low water quality will experience stress and have a compromised immune system, thus keeping the tank clean is crucial. They are now considerably more vulnerable to fish illnesses like ich as a result. 

Even fish who have had effective ich treatment is far more vulnerable to subsequent infections in poor water quality.

Do not overload your aquarium with fish, as ich can quickly spread in crowded aquariums. Poor water quality can also be brought on by having too many fish and feeding them too much fish food.

The initial nitrogen cycle in a new aquarium typically lasts between three and six weeks. Then you can add fish to your aquarium after the water change.

Prevent Stress

Stress and a weakened immune system are caused by more than only contaminated water and ammonia levels that can be detected. Your tank’s residents will additionally be at greater risk due to the following additional factors:

  • a poor diet
  • the wrong water parameters
  • wrong tank temperature
  • Insufficient or excessive water flow

There are some great products that you can use to ensure the health of your fish. 

Product Features
Tetra Ick Guard Aquarium RemedySoothing conditioner that quickly removes white or white spots on freshwater fish
API Freshwater Aquarium SaltReduces electrolyte loss and helps reduce stress
API Powder General CureCan treat a wide variety of parasite diseases

Why Is Pimafix Used?

The fish medicine API pimafix effectively heals bacterial infections both inside and externally as well as cottony growth, mouth, body, and fin and body reddening.

Then what does pimafix treat?

All marine fish can be treated with Pimafix. In reef aquariums containing invertebrates, such as live corals and anemones, Pimafix has been examined and confirmed to be safe. 

The biological filter in freshwater or saltwater aquariums or ponds won’t be harmed by pimafix treatment. Plants in live aquariums can use pimafix without harm.

Alternatives of Pimafix

Most local fish stores, veterinary offices, and online pharmacies typically sell these medications to fish keepers without a prescription.

Tetra Ick Guard

Freshwater fish with ick, or a white spot, are swiftly cleared with a soothing conditioner. Pre-measured, quickly dissolving tablets make maintaining your aquarium simple. Fish is helped by this protection: It helps guard against secondary illnesses. 

No need to increase the water temperature; full usage instructions are on the product packaging. Only for use in freshwater aquariums treats aquarium water up to 80 gallons.

API Liquid Super Ick Care Fish Remedy

With API Super Ick Cure Fish Medication, you may help your freshwater fish companions get rid of ich swiftly and effectively. In addition to killing the parasite, typically within 24 hours, API Super Ick Cure also includes a natural skin slime to shield tissue from infection damage.

Ick-X And Fungal Treatment

Ich, Velvet, Saprolegniasis, and Trichodiniasis can all be treated with Ich-X. Always treat in a separate quarantine or treatment tank, remove activated carbon from filters, and clean or replace mechanical filter media. 

Repeat treatments at least every 24 hours but no more frequently than every 8 hours, depending on the progression of the illness.


What Does API Pimafix Treat?

API pimafix fish medicine is an all-natural, antifungal treatment for fish fungal diseases. With a compound developed from the West Indian Bay Tree, a well-researched natural antifungal.

Does Pimafix Treat White Spot

To improve effectiveness against fish infections, API Pimafix and API Melafix have been developed to function together. Ponds and aquariums with fish that have white patches or other fungal illnesses are suitable.

Does API Pimafix Work?

Last but not least Despite conflicting reviews, API Pimafix is a fantastic alternative to conventional treatments for fungal infections. It can prove to be a quick and efficient treatment for our aquariums if applied correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


So, can pimafix cure ich? After all these discussions you know the answer. And the answer is it does not cure ich. 

As we already know that API mentioned in their marketing that it is not to cure ich. 

But, you can use other mentioned medicines to cure your fish. And also can follow the steps to prevent ich.

That’s all for today. Take care of your fish, take care of yourself.