Can You See Ich In The Water? Apply The Right Treatment!

Can You See Ich In The Water

As a fish lover, your aquarium should be filled with healthy fish. If you see that the fish are not having a free-flowing time, it can be frustrating. When it comes to the matter of ich, consider some time to inspect a bit. 

In this aspect, when can you see ich in the water? What does ich look like in water?

White spots on the fish’s body would indicate that there is ich in the water. It sticks to the body as a mass of round rolling parasites. When this happens, you will see that the fish are just floating in the water. Such parasitic intrusion can be treated and cured with proper medication. 

You should be investing some time to allow a complete turnover. Reading this article will help you ensure success with your fish in a prompt manner. 

Discovering The Ich

It is difficult to estimate the level of danger the Ich poses. Certainly, the issues surfacing inside the tank can poorly affect the fish. The Protozoan parasites hit the fish body hard causing several health issues. 

The usual question is how quickly does ich kill fish? It will kill your fish sooner than expected while spreading to other fish as well. 

Keeping this in mind, it is indicated that the right treatment should be applied. This is as fast as possible.

However, in order to apply fast treatment, you have to spot the ich fast as well. 

Can You See Ich In The Water

Spotting Ich Infections

At a certain point, you may discover that the fish are having unusual behavior. For example, they are not exploring the environment enough. They are either sitting at the bottom surface or floating too often. 

Some fish such as gourami are more prone to ich infections. You will see that the gouramis are losing color. This is an indication of poor health. 

See if there is any unusual behaviour present among fish in the water. White spots on the body of the fish will clearly suggest the presence of ich. Another indication is that the fish would have difficulty breathing. 


When exploring “what does ich look like,” something is not right inside the fish tank. There is a strong parasitic presence everywhere.

Surviving The Ich

An ich outbreak can totally damage the habitual environment inside the tank. These parasites spread fast. It will take just a few days to kill all the fish residing in the aquarium. 

In the present moment, can you see ich in the water? This can happen when there is algae growth, it prompts bacterial infestations. 

You would be tempted to know what causes an ich outbreak inside the tank

The main cause is a rising moisture level due to uneven heat distribution. The temperature inside the tank is fluctuating too much. Certain accumulations of waste on the surface of the tank can cause bacterial formations. As time passes, parasites grow by spreading into the bodies of the fish. 

The proper treatment should be applied fast before things go worse.

Applying The Right Treatment

In order to lower the effort, you can ask if can fish survive ich without treatment. The answer is no, the parasite will kill your fish sooner than you realize. 

There is however good news for you. The right kinds of medications like API Liquid Super Ick Cure are there on the market. This will make the disease be treated easily. 

Many ask about the usage of pimafix to cure ich. Pimafix is good to prevent fungal growth. However, they are not good enough to cure ich. This is the reason you should weigh down on the right medication. 

The product Ich-x is the right medication to cure ich. You have to follow the indication of the vet to apply the right amount. 

All you have to do is pour 5ml of medication per 10 gallons of water. You should change 25% of the water every 24 hours. After a day, the change of water should come about with 5ml of ich-x every day.

You have to keep doing this till the parasites die completely. You can detect the changes as the fish starts coloring. This means they are getting healthy. 

You can also use other water treatment products to ensure safe and clean water for the fish. 

Fritz Aquatics FZPrevents bacterial and fungal formation
Weco Nox-Ich Water Treatment Kills velvet, fin rot and etc. 
Kordon #31052Colours the water to make it pure and clean

Natural Cures

Alongside the right medication, keep some natural treatment process alive. You can however lower the dose to avoid any chemical side effects. Taking instructions provided by the vet is important. 

To know how to cure fish ich naturally, you have to put in some effort. For example, when the medication is getting absorbed, raise the water temperature a bit. 

Also, you can apply salt to the water. This will help the fish if there are tears in the body. It can further enable the clearing out of any infections. 

Proper Feeding

During the treatment process, you have to apply the vet’s instructions. Feeding should be done in the right amount 3 times a day. 

Here is a simple question! can you feed fish while treating for ich

Yes, you can, but make sure you don’t overfeed the fish. If there are wastages around the area, this can cause bacterial growth. 

It is pure and simple!

There are plenty of fish-feeding products on the market. Most of these are good for fish health. Consult with the vet to find recommendations on which product to use. 

Steps To Prevent Ich Formation

There are some useful methods you can apply to prevent ich formation. A common tip is to buy healthy fish. Also, don’t buy any fish that has dead fish inside the tank. 

Consider some more steps to follow:

  • Install a better-performing filtration system in the tank
  • Clean the tank more often with baking soda or white vinegar
  • Change water more often
  • Avoid temperature fluctuations.
  • Do not overheat the tank
  • Do not overpopulate the tank
  • Ensure less variety in the type of fish
  • Keep plants, stones, and caves in the proper amount
  • Resting and sheltering spots are good for the fish

It is good that you spend more time observing the fish. By understanding their behavior, you will figure out how healthy the fish are. 


What happens when there is an overload of oxygen circulating in the water?

Too much oxygen can dense up the inside tank environment. The water will create bubbles making the fish have breathing issues. Infections can spread fast in this scenario. 

What are the main purposes of aquarium filters?

The aquarium filters would clear the water from any toxic substances. Removing wastage and organic matter creates a clean environment. It is good to prevent the decaying of organic substances. 

How fast does the fish medication work?

Effective medication such as Ich X works within 24 hours. This means you have to apply the medication again after 24 hours.


When can you see ich in the water? The simple answer has brought about some clear facts. With closer inspection, you must apply the right treatment for better fish health. 

By wishing you all the best, we are signing off.

Bye for now!