Can Rainbow Sharks Live with African Dwarf Frogs? (2 Reason They Can’t Coexist)

Can Rainbow Sharks Live with African Dwarf Frogs

Rainbow shark is a very colorful fish, that’s where is got it’s name ( rainbow shark) They are very fine and semi aggressive fish and just like any other shark, they could get really big as they grow up. Having them in an aquarium is fun and beautiful because of their colors. If you’re a frog person, you might want to consider having any Dwarf frogs, especially African dwarf frogs in the same tank with rainbow sharks. Is it really possible? Let’s find out.

Can Rainbow sharks live with African dwarf frogs? No, Rainbow sharks being semi aggressive are likely to eat them or the frogs will drown.

Rainbow sharks also known as the red-finned or ruby shark are freshwater fish, semi aggressive and also omnivores because they can eat anything that they could, including fish and other small animals, vegetables, plants etc.

Can Rainbow Sharks Live with African Dwarf Frogs

They thrive in a freshwater with low current and substrates, plants.

They live in a temperature of 75-80°F with a pH of 6-8.

Their water hardiness is 5-8dh, and they could get really big to occupy a 30 gallon per fish.

African dwarf frogs, just like any other frogs are also freshwater animals.

They’re dull in swimming and does not have gills to breath in water.

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Although they are omnivores too, but they don’t have any atom of aggression in their body.

They live in a low current water too, with a temperature of 68-75°F and also in a water hardiness of 5-7dh.

They could only get to 3-4 inches in size, and so does not require much tank space.

Can Rainbow Sharks and African dwarf and Clawed Frogs get along?

No, both African dwarf frogs and African clawed frogs are not suitable tank mates for rainbow shark because they will either drown or get eaten by the shark.

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Judging from the above characteristics and nature of both the dwarf frogs and the rainbow sharks, you will notice that they could almost live in the same habitat because their water parameters does not differ much.

But the issue is on aggression and size.

Knowing how small frogs are, especially the Dwarf frogs, you will notice that they will not survive a day in a shark’s tank, also it’s impossible to try to keep a full grown shark in a tiny frog tank.

So you see, incompatibility of tank size or should I say size difference is the number one reason you can’t see a frog in a shark’s tank.

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It’s impossible.

If you try putting African dwarf frogs or African-clawed frogs in a tank that contains rainbow sharks, here is what will happen.

The frogs will not last a day because they don’t breath with gills just like fish, instead, they make use of lungs and inhale oxygen through their body.

They naturally depends on air to breath, that’s why they normally go to the surface many times to breath.

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So keeping them in a deep and large tank of not less than 55 gallons will only make them suffocate before they could reach the surface and breath.

Another reason why they can’t live together is that the sharks will eat them.

These are the reasons why it is completely impossible to keep African dwarf frogs in a rainbow shark’s tank.

Can African Dwarf Frogs Get Along With Fish?

Although it is impossible for an African dwarf or African Clawed frogs to coexist with rainbow sharks or any large fish.

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But if you still want to keep your frogs with fish, here are some suitable fish tank mates for your African dwarf or African clawed frogs.

  • Dwarf Otocinclus.
  • Hatchet Fish.
  • Cherry Barb.
  • Zebra Danios.
  • Honey Gourami.
  • Corydoras.
  • Betta.
  • Guppies.
  • Cardinal Tetra.


Like I said, no frog can live and survive with fish like rainbow shark and other fish that require up to 55-gallon tank and above.

No tank mate can be 100% guaranteed to coexist peacefully with your pet, they can coexist anyway if they’re compatible, so make your choice from the list of suitable fish for African dwarf frogs.