Can Red Claw Crab Live With Ghost Shrimp?

Can Red Claw Crab Live With Ghost Shrimp?

Can Red Claw Crab live with Ghost Shrimp? This is one of the questions being asked by those who are interested in keeping crustaceans in their tanks. Red Claw crabs are kind of land crabs because they stay much on land than in water, they are Brackish water dwellers and are aggressive and territorial. Ghost Shrimps are freshwater Shrimp, they dwell in both freshwater and slightly brackish water. They are not aggressive. Judging by their temperaments, do you think they could be able to live together? well, you will find out in this article.

Can Red Claw Crab Live With Ghost Shrimp? Red Claw crab is not a suitable tank mate for Ghost Shrimp. It will kill Ghost Shrimp if they are kept together.

Red Claw crabs are one of the most aggressive types of crab ever, and keeping them with weak and less aggressive animals like the ghost Shrimp is not a great idea because the shrimp is very likely to die at any time.

Red Claw Crab Water Parameters

Water temperature: 70-88°F.


Water hardness: 8-25 dGH.

Water type: Brackish water.

Ghost Shrimp Water Parameters

Temperature 65-75°F.

GH: 3-10.

Water type: Freshwater/ Slightly Brackish

Seeing their ideal water parameters, you could easily keep them together because two animals that could tolerate almost the same environment will comfortably live together unless they have temperament issues.

In the case of red claw crabs living with ghost shrimps, it is impossible because they have different temperaments.

Naturally, other crustaceans, both crayfish, and crabs do see shrimps as a natural meal.

Keeping red claw crab with ghost shrimp could only result in one thing, the crab will kill and eat the Shrimp.

So, naturally, shrimps don’t go well with crabs, no matter the type or specie of crab.

Again, Ghost Shrimp might not be able to tolerate the level of salt red Claw crab could and might die in a short while even if the crab doesn’t kill it.

Red Claw Crab is more of a land dweller than an aquatic so, they need a vast number of islands or drylands where they will be staying and go into the water whenever they want.

Although both Shrimps and crabs are scavengers, the crabs being stronger and especially if they are bigger than the shrimps will feed on them in a short while, so Ghost shrimps and Red claw crabs are not compatible and can’t be kept together.


Red Claw Crabs are not suitable tank mates for Ghost shrimp and other Shrimp because they will eat them if they are kept together in a tank.