Can Red Claw Crabs Live With Frogs?

If you are somebody that loves crabs and frogs, you will agree with me that these two different aquatic animals are fun to keep in their different aquariums and watch. What if you try keeping them together? The important question here is, can Frogs be kept with Red Claw Crabs or is there any type of crab that could be kept with frogs? In this article, you will learn if Red claw crabs could be kept with Frogs and if it’s possible to keep any type of crab with frogs.

Can Red Claw Crab live with Frogs? No, Red claw crabs are Brackish water dwellers and can’t possibly be kept with frogs because frogs can’t survive in brackish water.

Red Claw Crabs are scavengers because just like every other type of crab, they too can eat anything they could lay their hands on, including killing and eating weaker animals and fruits, vegetables, and even dirt too.

They are very aggressive and territorial, although just like Fiddler crabs, they are not fully aquatic and so, spend some of their time on the beach.

Frogs have many types and species too, for instance, African dwarf frog, African clawed frog, bullfrog, dart frog, etc.

Each of them has its specific characteristics.

Some frogs are considered aggressive, some are known to be semi-aggressive and some are not aggressive.

Just like red Claw crabs, some frogs are not fully aquatic too and so, dwell more on land than on the water.

Red Claw Crab Water Parameters

Water temperature: 70-88°F.


Water hardness: 8-25 dGH.

Water type: Brackish water

Can Red Claw Crabs Be Kept With Frogs?

Judging by their characteristics and the required water parameters, you will find out that some frogs have almost the same water parameters and temperament as the red claw crabs, so as they compatible, and can they be kept together?

No Frog could tolerate saltwater so, they can’t possibly be kept with the red claw crab that dwells on Brackish water.

Red claw crabs can’t survive for a long time in freshwater, and no frog could survive in brackish water, so both animals are completely different and can’t be possibly kept together, or one of them has to die.

Apart from the differences in water type, even if somehow the frogs will tolerate salty water and could be able to live with red claw crabs, they will still be very aggressive to each other and might kill and eat themselves.

So, Frogs and red claw crabs can’t possibly live together in the same tank and water.

Can Crabs And Frogs Live Together?

Knowing that some types of crabs like Fiddler crabs and Red claw crabs are not compatible with frogs because they dwell in saltwater which frogs could not be able to survive, you might be thinking if freshwater crabs might live with frogs.

Can Freshwater Crabs live with Frogs? No, generally, a combination of frogs and crabs is not good because they are not compatible with each other and when kept together, they will harm themselves.

Although crabs such as the Hermit crab, etc have almost the same type of water parameters as some frogs and so, could survive in the same type of environment and eat the same food, the only thing that differentiates them is their temperaments.

Almost all crabs are considered to be aggressive and territorial too, but not all frogs are.

So, if they share a tank, there is every possibility that the crabs will go for the frogs and hurt or even kill them.

It might be the other way round whereby the frogs will kill and eat the crabs.

There is a special kind of frog that does nothing but eating crabs.

This frog which is known as ‘Fejervarya raja’ will certainly eat any type of crab they are kept with.

So, Crabs and Frogs could hardly make good tank mates because one must eat the other.

Apart from the issue of temperament and the issue of who will eat who, another reason why crabs can’t be kept with frogs is that some frogs are poisonous.

Some frogs such as Dart frogs, etc will kill any other living thing they might have as tank mates, be it fish, crab, etc because they do release some toxins into the water from their bodies, which endangers other living things that are with them.

So, crabs are not compatible with frogs no matter the type of crab, be it freshwater or Brackish water crab.


Don’t listen to anybody telling you to keep any type of crab and any type of frog together because they can’t live peacefully in one tank, and it will always end in regrets, so don’t try it.

Even if you want to keep them in one tank, buy a tank divider and divide the tank and keep them off from each other.