Can Red Eyed Tree Frogs Live With Anoles?

Red Eyed Tree Frogs Live With Anoles

Is it possible to keep amphibians such as frogs with Lizards together? well, some people do it and they seem to have a good result, but the question is, can I do it with all amphibians and lizards? The tree frogs are good examples of amphibians, and Anoles are a good example of lizards. I have heard many people talk about keeping tree frogs and Anoles together, the question is, will it work? will they be peaceful? etc. In this article, we will discuss the possibility of keeping these two creatures together in a tank.

Can Red Eyed Tree Frogs Live with Anoles? Yes, Red Eyed Tree Frogs and all tree frogs could live with Anoles if the environment is made suitable for both.

I have heard and seen a lot of people succeed in keeping these two creatures together for a while, and am convinced that they could successfully be kept together.

Note: we at aqualifeblog don’t in any way encourage keeping different animals together unless you are very comfortable with it.

I have seen these two animals together before, so this article is just for educational purposes alone, and it depends on you.

Back to the topic, some amphibians and lizards have almost the same temperature requirements, so let’s see the temperature of both.

The ideal temperature for an Anole lizard is 75-85° F and could tolerate up to 90° F.

The ideal temperature for Tree frogs is 75-80°F and could tolerate up to 88°F, depending on the particular specie.

So, with the above ideal temperatures for both groups of animals, they could comfortably stay in an environment without any issues with temperature.

The only difference between a lizard-like Anole and a frog like the red-eyed tree frog or grey tree frog is, that frogs are amphibians, so they need water around them and high humidity too, but Lizards like the Anoles are not amphibians, but they could tolerate the same temperature with frogs, and so they need land instead of water.

This is to say that red-eyed tree frogs could live with Anoles in the same environment, but enough space, land, and water should be kept in the environment for both of them to stay and feel very comfortable.

Again, when it comes to food, both animals have almost the same taste of food, for instance, frogs eat insects and other things that could fit in their mouth, and so do Anole lizards too.

What this means is that you can feed both of them at the same time and most importantly with the same types of food.

When it comes to aggression, both creatures are peaceful, but the male Anoles might get aggressive sometimes, so the remedy to this is to keep a lesser number of males and a lesser number of Anoles too and more number of red-eyed trees frogs.

This is because this type of frog does not have any atom of aggression and cannot harm big creatures like lizards.

Can Grey Tree Frog Live With Green Anole?

Grey tree Frogs could live with green Anoles if suitable conditions for both animals are put in place.

having almost the same taste of food and temperature and temperament, they could Peacefully coexist if the right things are put in place for both of them.

What Lizards Can Be Kept With Frogs?

If you are interested to know the types of lizards you could be able to keep with frogs, they are:

Gecko lizards

Anole lizards etc.

These lizards share many things in common with frogs and so could tolerate the same environment.


We don’t encourage keeping different animals that don’t live in the same environment together, so take your advice.