How loud are Red-Eyed Tree Frogs?

How loud are Red-Eyed Tree Frogs

Have you thought about having a frog as a pet in your house? Sometimes having a pet frog or frogs comes with a great sacrifice, this is one of the reasons some people frown when they thought about having one in their house. They could be an agent of great disturbance due to their call at night. One funny fact about frogs is, that they are all nocturnal, meaning they will be awake and might be disturbing you with their croaks while you are supposed to be asleep. Although there are many reasons why frogs croak, in this article, you will learn if Red-eyed tree frogs are loud or not.

How loud are Red-Eyed Tree Frogs? Red eyes make soft little chuckle/dolphin-type noises and a few clicks here and there. Sometimes they are silent.

If you are interested in keeping frogs and you want the type that is not very loud so, that you can at least have some peace of mind at night, then I think red-eyed tree frogs should be to your taste.

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs could make noise at night, but their sound is not as loud as many other types of frogs.

Like I mentioned above, they make soft chuckle noise like the dolphins which is not as loud as some other frogs, for instance, a bullfrog.

Frogs being nocturnal could only make noise of call at night.

There are many reasons why they do that, either to attract mates, to warn other frogs, or because of rain.

If you live in a swamp area or where any water body is, you will agree with me that those animals are completely noise generators.

You will hear different loud sounds from them which is very disturbing.

Although all frogs do croak at some point at night, red-eyed tree frogs are not very loud and are not very calm either.

To put the matter straight, red-eyed frogs give out a moderate sound that is neither loud nor calm, so I do prefer them to other types of frogs because I love my sleep and won’t want to be disturbed at night by loud croaks unless am not keeping the frog in my bedroom.

Do Red-Eyed Tree Frogs Croak?

All frogs croak and the red-eyed tree frog is part of them, although their kind of Croaking is not as loud as others.

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs do croak, especially in the rainy season, that is when they normally reproduce. The males will croak to attract their female counterparts.

So, red-eyed tree frogs do croak, and they mainly do it in the wild to mate and reproduce.

Are Red Eyed Tree Frogs Quiet?

No species of frog is quiet, not even the red-eyed tree frog.

Red-eyed tree frogs do make noise by croaking, but their sound is not as loud as other frogs.

So no frog is considered to be a quiet frog, not even the red-eyed tree frogs because they do make noise. Although it might not be a loud and steady noise, all they saw, can’t be considered quiet.


All frogs are noisy and act as a great source of disturbance, especially during their mating season, so red-eyed tree frogs could make a lot of noises, but their sound is not loud as other types of frogs.

Again if your aquarium is made in a way that it will cease their sound or at least most of their noises, then I think you will be alright with them in your bedroom.