Can Tiger Barbs Live With Jack Dempsey?

Can Tiger Barbs live with Jack Dempsey?

One of the many joys of fish keeping is keeping different fish in a tank and watching them go about their activities and business, but this can only be done when the fish you want to keep together are compatible and won’t harm each other in any way. Tiger Barbs and Jack Dempsey are nice tropical fish to keep in the aquarium, but the question is, can they be kept together? Maybe you have thought of keeping them together and you want to find out if they are compatible, then I suggest you read this article to the end because you will find all your answers here.

Can Tiger Barbs live with Jack Dempsey? No, it is not recommended to keep Tiger Barbs and Jack Dempsey. Jack Dempsey are very aggressive fish and will kill Tiger Barbs if kept together.

Jack Dempsey are Cichlids, this explains why they are regarded as aggressive fish because almost every cichlid is very aggressive, and African Cichlids are the most aggressive.

No good and experienced fish keeper will advise you to keep Tiger Barbs with any type of Cichlid because they could stress your Barbs to death or even kill and eat them. After all, Tiger Barbs are very small fish that could barely grow up to 3 inches in size.

Although Tiger Barbs are aggressive themselves, but their sizes are very disadvantageous to them.

If they are kept with Jacks or any Cichlid, they will grab them at night when they are asleep or when they are resting, so it is not advisable to keep Tiger Barbs with Jack Dempsey because the Tigers will die in a matter of days.

If you are looking for compatible tank mates for your Jack Dempsey, here they are:



Clown Loach.



Kissing Gourami.



Silver Dollar.

Blue Acara.

These are the suitable tank mates for Jack.