Can Two Lionfish Live Together? (Tips to keep them together)

Can two Lionfish live together?

If you are a lover of predator fish, then you must be a fan of Lionfish.

These fish are great predators and could eat any living thing that could fit into their mouths.

This is because they are carnivores fish.

They are nice Aquarium fish and dwell in saltwater with an ideal water temperature of 70 to 78°F, so they are tropical fish.

There are many species of lionfish but they are all known as predators and aggressive fish because they rely on eating other fish and animals.

Being carnivores, many people wonder if they could live with each other.

If you are reading this article, it means you want to know if Lionfish could live together or not, this article will answer your questions and many more so read to the end.

Two or more Lionfish could be kept together but they must be the same size.

As a fish keeper, it is your job to know what is possible for your fish and what is not, so that you don’t make mistakes.

I understand how it feels to keep a predatory fish and wake up one morning and see that all your fish and other animals have been eaten.

I can tell you that keeping this kind of animal in a community tank is very dangerous, even to their kind.

The fact is that Lionfish do eat even its kind, and that is why many people are afraid of them and that is why people ask if 2 or more of these fish could live together.

2 or more Lionfish could live together in a tank.

Telling you that they could be kept together doesn’t mean you will go and start stockpiling them in a tank, No!

Being predators, they will likely kill and eat themselves if you keep them together without taking the necessary precautions.

The only way to keep them together in a tank is to get a very large Aquarium, depending on the quantity you want to keep.

A Lionfish could grow above 15 inches in size, depending on the specie, so I recommend nothing less than a 55-gallon tank per fish so that they could have enough space.

Apart from tank size, another important thing to do is to make sure that all the fish are of the same size or a bit bigger than each other.

In this case, they will lack the capability of eating each other because they could only eat what can fit into their mouth, so avoid keeping smaller Lionfish or any other fish in their tank.

Finally, make sure you get them into the tank at the same time so that they will master themselves and won’t be very aggressive with each other.

With these simple tips, you can house as many of them as possible in your Aquarium and they will be very fine.

How Many Lionfish Can Be In A Tank?

Knowing that 2 or more of these fish could live together, many hobbyists will want to keep as many of them as possible in their aquariums. The question is, how many of them should be kept in one tank?

There is no limit to the number of Lionfish that should be kept together, rather the size of your Aquarium will decide the maximum number of these fish it could contain.

We all know that these fish are very aggressive and could prey on each other, but if you follow my tips above, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Although being aggressive, they will fight each other, maybe for a while but they can’t fatally harm themselves, hence they are of the same size.

So, there is no limit to the number of Lionfish you can keep together, rather the size of your tank will decide.

Can You Mix Lionfish?

As I explained above, Lionfish have different species and they vary in size and behaviors but they are all cannibals.

As a hobbyist, you may be interested to know if they could be mixed in a tank or if they should go along the line of their species.

Different species of lionfish could be mixed or kept together in a fish tank but they must be of the same size.

The problem is not mixing different species, but not being the same size.

As I explained above, they could eat themselves, I mean bugger ones will prey on smaller ones, that is why they must be of the same size or at least almost the same size.

So, different species of lionfish could be mixed but I won’t advise keeping a dwarf Lionfish with much bigger species because their size is disadvantageous to them.

Lionfish can live with other Lionfish, although they will fight, but it is nothing.

What Can You Keep With A Lionfish?

You can also keep these fish with other fish too but I will advise you to keep fish that are bigger than them or at least the same size as them.

This is because they are Nocturnal fish and could take on smaller fish at night.

So, here are some of the compatible fish that will be okay with your Lionfish.

Threadfin Butterflyfish.

Foxface Rabbitfish.

Rock Beauty Angelfish.

Snowflake Moray Eel.

Anglerfish. etc.


2 or more Lionfish can live together if they are of the same size.

I didn’t say there won’t be aggression in the tank but they will sort it out.


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