Can Vampire Crab Live With Hermit Crab?

Can vampire crab and hermit Crab live together?
Vampire Crab

Raising aquarium pets such as crabs might sometimes get you confused, especially when it comes to selecting tank mates for your crabs. Many pet shop keepers do advise keeping your hermit crabs with other crabs, but the question is, ” can I keep my hermit crab with vampire crab? We will learn if it’s possible or if hermit crabs could coexist with vampire crabs in this article. If you’re familiar with both species of crab, you’ll agree with me that both are of the same size and require almost the same care, little wonder why people do think they can be kept together in the same tank.

Can Vampire crab live with Hermit crab? No, vampire crab and hermit crab can’t be kept together in one tank, unless the tank is big enough to contain them because vampire crabs are aggressive and will fight the hermit crabs.

We all know that hermit crabs are very social and can sometimes seem to be troublesome because they just love to pinch other animals around them with their claws.

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Vampire Crabs, although very dull and calm are very aggressive and territorial.

Can hermit crab share a tank with vampire crab?
Hermit Crab

Although both of them could be classified as freshwater crabs, but will they coexist in a tank?, that am not completely okay with.

The fact is, getting them together is like setting up a war game for them.

They will cross each other’s way and fighting will begin.

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So if you want to have these two creatures together in one tank, then you need a large tank that will be too big for them to cross each other’s way or better demarcate the tank and keep them in different sections.

This is the only way they could be able to coexist peacefully in a tank.


Hermit Crabs and vampire crabs could hardly live together, unless their tank is well demarcated and arranged or very large.