Can Fiddler Crab Live With Vampire Crab?

Can vampire crab live with fiddler crab?
Vampire Crab

Fiddler crabs are one of the awesome species of crab to have in your aquarium. But it could be very challenging trying to keep them with other species of crab.
This article is all about if it’s possible to keep fiddler crabs with vampire crabs. Let’s say you have or want to get both species of crab in order to keep them together as companions etc, will that be possible? We will find out in this article.

Can fiddler crab live with vampire crab? No, fiddler crabs and vampire crabs cannot live together in a tank because fiddler crabs live in brackish water, while vampire crabs live in freshwater.

Before getting your pet crab a tank mate, it’s very important to know and understand the nature of your crab pets, inorder to be very sure if both of them could be able to match in everything, so that they could coexist in the same environment.

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Can fiddler crab share a tank with vampire crab?
Fiddler crab

The fact is, freshwater animals and brackish water animals can’t live together nor coexist because for instance, if you finally put fiddler crab which is a brackish water creature in a tank that is inhibited by a vampire crab which is a Freshwater crab, you will end up making one of them uncomfortable, which might eventually kill any of them, especially the one that’s not favored by the water type.

Apart from differences when it comes to their choice of water, vampire crabs are not very good tank mate to keep for many aquarium animals.

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Although they seems inactive sometimes, but they can kill any tank mate they want to.

So keeping fiddler crabs with vampire crabs, if at all it’s possible can be very dangerous, as they may fight and probably kill each other.

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So if you ask me, even if they both can live in freshwater or brackish water, I won’t still approve the idea of having them together in a tank.

Can Vampire crabs Live with other Crabs?

You might be thinking ” how can Vampire crabs be aggressive and deadly when they seems quiet and dull and also if they are so aggressive, can they be able to live with other Crabs? let’s find out.

Can vampire crabs live with other Crabs? Yes, vampire crabs can live with other Crabs, especially with it’s own species, but their problem is, they’re very aggressive.

Of course vampire crabs can be kept with other species of crabs, but the only problem with them is, they’re very aggressive and are very likely to fight the other crabs.

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They will live with other Crabs once they all can live in the same water condition and water type.

For instance other crabs that could survive in the same water parameters as the vampire crabs could live with them, only if the tank is large enough, thereby enabling them to stay out of each other’s way.

Although there are likely to be a fight even if the tank is very big to contain them, it’s normal because vampire crabs are territorial and aggressive.

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Their only perfect tank mate is keeping the same vampire species with each other.

What Animals can live with Vampire Crabs?

Knowing that vampire crabs are aggressive, even to other species of crabs, you may also want to know the type of animals that could make good tank mates with them.

What animals can live with vampire crabs? Animals that can live with vampire crabs are big snails and big Shrimps.

Being so aggressive limits the number of companions this specie of crab could have.

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This is due to the fact that, they’re very likely to kill and eat any other animal they could be able to kill.

So it’s not recommended to place small fish, snails or shrimps etc in the same tank with them.

Also try to know the type and nature of fish you place in their tank, or the fish might end up eating your vampire crabs.


Fiddler crabs are not good tank mate for vampire crabs and so both could not coexist due to their differences in nature etc, so don’t try to keep them together or you will risk killing both of them.

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