Can White Tree Frogs And Red Eyed Tree Frogs Live Together?

Can White Tree Frogs And Red Eyed Tree Frogs Live Together

Animals living together could be very fun to watch, as it is entertaining and great, but some animals don’t normally mix up, and some do because they are suitable and could tolerate each other very well. When it comes to frogs, there are those types of frogs that do well with each other and there are those that don’t. So, can white tree frogs and red-eyed tree frogs live together? This article will answer your question.

Can white tree frogs and red-eyed tree frogs live together? No, White tree frogs and red eyes tree frogs are not compatible to live together. White tree frogs do grow bigger than the red-eyed tree frogs and might eat them.

You might be surprised, maybe for the first time to hear that frogs could eat their fellow frogs, well, yes, they do actually.

Some frogs are omnivores meaning they can eat a lot of things, ranging from plants, fruits, vegetables, grasses, and animals.

Some are carnivores meaning they could only specialize in eating other animals including their fellow frogs too.

So, the ability to harm or even kill their fellow frogs made some of them unsuitable to be kept with each other, or they will end up harming themselves.

Although both white tree frogs and red eyes tree frogs could live in the same environment which is freshwater and tolerate the same water condition such as water temperature which is 70-75°F and the same pH etc.

But they are not suitable to live together because they will harm each other if they do.

The white tree frog being an omnivore, just like the red-eyed frog will usually eat anything that could fit in their mouth.

They could grow far bigger than the red-eyed frogs, and this made them incompatible because they will easily eat the red-eyed frogs if they happen to live together.

Although they could easily live together when they are small because at that stage, the white tree frog is not that big, and it will lack the capability to harm the red-eyed frog, they could be kept together when they are still small, but once they are adults, they can’t possibly live together without any issue.

Can Different Frog Species Live Together?

Yes, some frogs are compatible with each other and some are not compatible, so different frog species could live together, but it depends on the Species.

To be honest, we are against mixing some animals up, especially those animals that are not very compatible with each other, as it could be a disaster.

Different frogs could be kept together, but with those that are compatible with each other, and not the other way round.

Can White Tree Frogs Live With Other Frogs?

Although white tree frogs are omnivores and could eat other frogs that could fit in their mouth, they could still live with other frogs that are of the same size as them or those frogs that are bigger than them.

The ideal to keep this type of frog peaceful with other frogs is to keep them with those that are bigger than them or those that are of the same size as them.

White tree frogs could live together with other frogs, but for the fact they are compatible.

Can Red-Eyed Tree Frogs Live With Other Frogs?

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs could Peacefully live with other frogs in the same tank or the same environment.

This is because they are not so big and could hardly pose any threat or harm to any other frog unless baby frogs.

So red-eyed tree frogs are compatible with many types of frogs and so could live together with them and very Peacefully.