Can Pacman Frogs See In The Dark?

Can Pacman Frogs See In The Dark

We normally refer to the Pacman Frogs as lazy or dull frogs because they just sit at a spot all day or they burrow and stay there all day, but the question is, have you seen them at night? At night they are normally more active and could be very fast, especially when going for food, and those in captivity normally grab all their food during the night. If they could be more active at night or in the dark, this could only mean one thing, they could see at night or in the dark. In this article, you will learn all about Pacman frog night vision.

Frogs are nocturnal animals and do not see very clearly in the daytime, but at night and in darkness.

If you are wondering why your Pacman frog doesn’t do much in the daytime or with normal light, then this is because they are nocturnal animals.

Nocturnal animals are those animals that could see very clearly in darkness or at night than in the daytime.

If you have this frog, maybe as pet, you might want to suddenly turn on your light at night, you might be surprised to see your supposed lazy and dull frog moving about at great speed grabbing food.

All frogs are considered nocturnal because they’re more active at night.

According to research carried out at Lund University Sweden, Frogs and Toads have two rods with two different sensitivities which they could use to see very clearly at night.

This is true because if you happen to live in a place where many frogs are living in the wild, you will notice that it is impossible to see any in the daytime, but once it’s dark, you will be seeing them and even hearing their noises.

This is only gatted to confirm that they are truly nocturnal animals and could see very clearly at night.

So, Pacman frogs could not only see at night but could see very clearly in the dark.

Can Pacman Frogs See Red Light?

Having known that frogs could see in the dark and at night, you might want to know the type of vision they have and if they could see color.

Can Pacman frogs see the red light? Yes, frogs have multiple rods and they can use them to distinguish colors in extreme darkness.

According to research carried out by the University of Lund in Sweden, frogs having multiple rods in their eyes cannot only see in the dark but also could be able to see and discern different types of colors.

This means they could simply identify any color, in the dark be it red, yellow, green, black, etc.

So, frogs, including Pacman frogs could see colors and discern which is which because they could see very clearly at night.

Do Led Lights Hurt Pacman Frogs?

All frogs are nocturnal and don’t normally come out during the daytime because they can’t see clearly because the sunlight could hurt their eyes.

You might be wondering if they still need any sort of light in captivity, well the answer is yes.

The type of light they need is led bulbs of at least 40 watts because it could not hurt their eyes.

It is well known that the sunlight is very harmful to their eyes, so Pacman frogs shouldn’t be kept closer to sunlight, in fact, their tanks should be in a room that has a tiny reflection of sunlight.

What I do suggest is to cut out all manner of sunlight or at least 80% of it, then get an aquarium light that is suitable for them and set a timer that will automatically put the light on in the daytime and off at night.

I think this is preferable. There are many such aquarium lights on Amazon.

So, LED light doesn’t hurt them, but sunlight does, so avoid exposing them to sunlight and follow my recommended procedure to provide them with artificial light instead.


Pacman frogs could only see clearly at night and could be able to see colors too, according to research.